Digital Signage Hardware: Billboard and digital costumer stopper

Advantages of the billboard
  • Attractive advertising medium: display of current information (discounts)
  • Ideal hardware solution for interactive product adviser software
  • Grabs customer attention even before entering the store
  • Digital advertising board as a sign for discretion distances/guide
  • Digital customer stopper as an Entrance Control System (Covid-19)

Advantages of interactive assistance systems

Interactive adviser systems help the customers make a purchase decision and eliminate further online research. The virtual sales advisers provide the essential information about the desired item via display or touchscreen. By connecting the digital price tags of e-shelf-labels to the system, the position of the article is also displayed by flashing the integrated LEDs of the digital labels. This eliminates the need for time-consuming searches in store and potential purchase cancellations. In addition, the useful integration of the Aframe into the store infrastructure enables the sensors to measure customer flows, which you can statistically evaluate.

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Digital billboard: interactive information, signpost & marketing tools

Digital customer stopper - billboard as a digital advertising board

Position the digital customer stopper (available with or without touch function) in the entrance area of your store or in front of your booth to provide up-to-date information such as discount promotions or other specials on the digital display board for more transparency for your customers.

By using the digital customer stopper, you can catch people's attention even before they enter your store. React quickly to current events and advertise exactly what your customers need with videos and animations. Digital display boards are also suitable for public institutions such as offices or hospitals: As a digital signage display they can be used for discretion distances, as signposts or as information boards.

The digital customer stopper, installed as a floor stand, works on the Google Android operating system and provides integrated support for several languages. In addition to the standard colors anthracite and white, the digital advertising board is also available in customer-specific frame colors. This ensures the digital customer stopper to be individually adapted to your own environmental requirements. We are also pleased to advise you on your individual applications and support you in the development of the appropriate software solution.

Digital customer stopper as smart Customer Flow Management

Digital customer stopper as smart Customer Flow Management in times of COVID-19

In addition to its function as a modern advertising medium or in combination with an interactive product adviser, the billboard also functions as an access control system. Especially considering the COVID-19 problem, the digital customer stopper in combination with the Smart Customer Flow Management supports the compliance with the Corona regulations by displaying the number of customers in the store. This ensures a secure access control in the retail sector. On a digital customer stopper in front of the entrance, the Smart Customer Flow Management shows the customer comprehensibly if entering the store is currently possible or not. In doing so, the system uses the information from sensors that count incoming and outgoing persons.

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