Interactive Product Adviser
Interactive product advisory systems in stationary retail - Advanced Interactive Store Systems (AISS)

The trend is obvious: As digitalization progresses, the number of online shops and online shoppers is growing and challenging stationary retailers. However, stationary retailers also have the opportunity to implement the advantages of e-commerce into their business and generate synergies between the Internet and stationary retail. One of the biggest benefits in e-commerce is the possibility of online research: In order to find the product that best fits your own requirements, customers search online for further product information and compare products. This is exactly where AISS products come in as interactive advisory systems.

Interactive Product assistance systems

Instant buying decisions by eliminating further online lookups

Advanced Interactive Store Systems (AISS) offer interactive advisory systems that facilitate instant buying decisions for the customer by eliminating the need for further online lookups on the desired item and provide useful statistics on customer behavior. The software solutions are suitable for various digital devices such as in-store TVs, touchscreens, tablets or smartphones and enable customers a targeted product search. The user-friendly display or touchscreen provides essential product information so that the final decision for a certain device can be made directly in the store. Instead of researching the desired product at home on a PC or on your own smartphone, smart assistance systems provide supportive sales advice for customers and sales staff in the shop.

In order to meet the different requirements of the individual industries and sales goods, different devices need different advisers, so we offer you three systems for three distinct categories of products:

Universal Product Adviser (Multi product adviser)

As a universal product adviser, the Multi Product Adviser has the functionality of all AISS consulting systems: These include the Mobile phone Adviser, the Tablet Adviser and the White Goods Product Adviser. The universal product adviser is suitable as a consulting system for coffee machines, headphones or smart watches. In terms of interface and functionality, all product advisers are the same to keep user interaction as simple as possible.

The other consulting systems from AISS, the performance characteristics of which are explained individually below, only show the selected product group. For example, the mobile phone adviser and the tablet adviser are suitable for mobile phones, while the white goods product adviser is a consulting system for product groups such as washing machines, refrigerators or freezers.

Mobile Phone/Tablet Adviser

The Mobile Phone/Tablet Adviser is a complete system of software (interface, management, backend) and hardware. This system - assembled in a practical light metal shell - consists of a touchscreen (optionally with camera), a PC, a managing box and a security system. Customers can access detailed information about each product via the touchscreen. With the extended filter function, prices, availability and suitable article accessories are displayed on the product adviser. Corresponding devices are then indicated with LEDs, while suitable product information immediately appears on the touchscreen. With intelligent facial recognition, the mobile phone product adviser can provide age and gender protocols and recognize customer preferences.

White Goods Product Adviser

The White Goods Product Adviser software can compare products by advanced filtering options, as well as display discounts and availability. For example, installed in a kiosk, the customer can handle the software himself via a tablet – this guide to the appropriate product. In addition, the store staff can use the tablet as a portable tool in order to be more competent and convincing in customer advice. The white goods product consultant software is also suitable for online applications and can be easily an integrated part of your website structure.

Other Product Adviser

The system of the Other Product Adviser, consisting of a touchscreen (optionally with camera), a PC, a managing box and a security system, offers the customer LED-supported product guidance and performs as a product finder: While a touchscreen guides the customer through the selection process, LEDs light up on the electronic price tag of the corresponding product. This saves the customer an annoying and tedious search in the shop and can be ideal used for the selection of suitable accessories. With up to 24 LED plates, different features can be displayed in certain colours. The filter option of the alternative product adviser shows prices, discounts, availability and compares remote-controlled products from an online database.

Your individual product adviser

Each product consultant can be designed to meet your specific store requirements. Use already existing screens or integrate one of our hardware solutions. Are you uncertain which of the three product advisers best suits your specific application and whether your existing infrastructure is sufficient? We are happy to advise you and look forward to developing a tailor-made concept for you.

Digital Signage Hardware to the Product adviser: Digital billboard

Do you require the right hardware solution for use in combination with the interactive product adviser or as a stand-alone digital signage solution in your store? The digital billboard could be the ideal option: As an eye-catcher in the entrance area, the digital advertising board (also called billboard/aframe) is suitable as a digital display board for a wide variety of retail sectors (hotel, food retailing, electronics, bakery, butchers). As the AISS solutions are characterized by an intuitive CMS, the interactive content can be displayed across locations and within seconds on the digital billboard and can be used as additional hardware to the Product Adviser.

Do you need further information on the digital billboard? Click on the button below to find out how to use the billboard for interactive information transfer or as a guide and attractive marketing tool for your store.