For the first time, e-shelf-labels is going to present itself at the Automotive Hungary, the leading trade fair of the Hungarian automotive industry, from November 16 to 18, 2021 in Budapest. Not only is it the first visit to a grand, Eastern European trade fair, the visit in Budapest also marks the entry of e-shelf-labels into the Hungarian Market.

Automotive Hungary in Budapest has been serving as meeting point for the Hungarian automotive industry for years. Here, state-of-the-art technology is presented as well as current trends in the industry. This year, the convention’s main topics are artificial intelligence, 5G, electric drive as well as industry 4.0. The team from e-shelf-labels will present latest solutions for electronic signage among many other representatives from different sectors of the automotive industry, including IT, automotive manufacturing and manufacturing processes.

The visit marks the entry of e-shelf-labels into the Hungarian market and the first step of an expansion to eastern Europe. As an experienced expert with cards, digital labeling and automatic identification, e-shelf-labels as a brand of S&K Solutions GmbH & Co. KG will now also supply Hungarian companies with innovative electronic price tags and labeling as well as digital signage for industry, retail, hospitality, room management and healthcare. The company with headquarters in Passau hereby proves that other markets have also acknowledged the use and necessity of digitalization as well as the potential of electronic shelf label solutions. The e-shelf-labels office in Budapest will facilitate sales and customer care. As part of the expansion, the e-shelf-website has now also been translated into Hungarian.

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