Digital Room signage

Digital room signage: Individual and sustainable

Room labeling in form of digital room signs is also gaining importance outside the retail sector. Customers are increasingly benefiting from numerous possibilities of electronic shelf labeling technology. In addition to digital room management, digital room signage can be found in a wide variety of areas. These include, among others, industry, trade, events, gastronomy and tourism. The use of digital room signage in meeting rooms, conference rooms, medical facilities, hotels or restaurants can greatly facilitate the day-to-day work of your employees. Within seconds, new bookings or reservations are displayed on the digital labels, which are attached to the meeting rooms. This is why your employees and your guests are always up to date.

How does digital room signage work?

Digital room labels are controlled and updated by radio via router. The router has to be connected via Ethernet. Depending on your preference, individual layouts can be easily created with fbOS and Jeegy and wirelessly integrated into the digital room sign, so that there are no limits to your own creativity. The battery life of digital labels also speaks for their cost-effectiveness. It is around five years even with multiple updates. Thus, the maintenance and operating costs for your company are extremely low. Due to the simple installation of the digital door plates, a variety of applications can be found. 

Digital room signage with E-Ink technology also replaces classic signage with paper printing. This is not only sustainable, it also allows your business to save on centralized management and display time information from the in-house system. As a consequence, the digital room label and your customers are always up-to-date and available rooms can be used much more efficiently overall. 

You decide which data should be used for advertisement by selecting one or more connection options from the available collection. With just a few clicks, the desired information is tapped and visualized. The use of innovative E-Paper displays allows full graphic representation of room occupancy. For example, offices, meeting rooms, seminar and conference rooms, treatment and patient rooms can all be updated and easily managed.

ROOMZ: Revolutionary Room Management and Efficient Workplace Solutions

Using rooms more efficiently, improving internal processes and increasing employee satisfaction - ROOMZ Products realize the agile working environment of the future: via a touch panel, employees can book or release free rooms directly via the ROOMZ display if an appointment ends earlier. As an ideal supplement, the ROOMZ sensor checks the current room occupancy and uses the desk sensor to detect the presence or absence of participants as well as booked but unused rooms (ghost meetings). Thanks to the sensor's auto-release function, these rooms are automatically released so that room resources can be used intelligently and more quickly.

In addition, the ROOMZ sensor provides valuable insights into the effective occupancy of rooms and workplaces based on the floor plan of your organization: Via the Room Viewer, employees can see free workstations on various mobile terminals - such as smartphones or tablets - which they can book for meetings.

Whether as a campus solution for universities and business parks or as a corporate solution in small offices, practices or coworking spaces - the stylish ROOMZ signage in an aluminium frame harmonizes with any office environment: the display requires no cabling, is compatible with the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure and can be mounted on all surfaces such as glass or wood.