Fits like a glove: The fashionTAG for your store
The smart digital Label in the fashion trade
  • Minimization of customer complaints through real-time pricing
  • Uniformity of online and offline prices
  • Competitiveness through flexible and event-based discounts
  • Global price accuracy for retailers


The fast-moving buying and searching behavior of customers is revealed not least by the minimized pedestrian frequencies in the pedestrian area. If customers enter a store, they are usually already perfectly aware of the competitor's product prices - even in a retail store, they can search online for current prices. Price tags in fashion stores can be difficult to read if merchandise items have been reduced several times. At the same time, frequent price changes by hand easily result in incorrect price labelling, which in turn leads to customer complaints.

The fashionTAG guarantees by its accurate Real-Time-Pricing that an article at the cash register costs exactly the price marked on the goods. The fact that prices on fashionTAG are updated centrally and without additional manual effort enables future-oriented and error-free price management in the price-sensitive fashion industry. Employees no longer have to print, affix, and check price tags for individual items in the store. The retailer can thus react spontaneously to the development of demand and customers are immediately informed about special promotions and offers - such as seasonal discounts.

Revolutionary in-store processes
  • Display of currently available goods by real-time inventory management
  • Futuristic operating- and shop concepts “fashion connect”
  • Time saving for customer service and consulting
  • Easy application even on small articles
  • Individual showroom look for your store
  • NFC Access/ smartphone connection for article reservations
  • Process optimization and increased work productivity