Fits like a glove: The fashionTAG for your store

More than 70 billion euros are spent every year in Germany on clothing and shoes. This positive growth of the fashion industry has been stable for several years. However, competition from online retailers has increased the demands placed by customers on stationary fashion retailers. In order to withstand the high degree of dynamism in the textile and fashion trade, electronic price tags can digitize the textile industry in the retail sector. fashionTAGs display the current inventory and price electronically on the label, guarantee high-quality legibility with a long battery life, minimize customer complaints and give their customers more time for consultation. Due to its modern design and size, the fashionTAG is suitable as a digital price tag especially for fashion and textiles. 


The fast-moving buying and searching behavior of customers is revealed not least by the minimized pedestrian frequencies in the pedestrian area. If customers enter a store, they are usually already perfectly aware of the competitor's product prices - even in a retail store, they can search online for current prices. Price tags in fashion stores can be difficult to read if merchandise items have been reduced several times. At the same time, frequent price changes by hand easily result in incorrect price labelling, which in turn leads to customer complaints.

The fashionTAG guarantees by its accurate Real-Time-Pricing that an article at the cash register costs exactly the price marked on the goods. The fact that prices on fashionTAG are updated centrally and without additional manual effort enables future-oriented and error-free price management in the price-sensitive fashion industry. Employees no longer have to print, affix, and check price tags for individual items in the store. The retailer can thus react spontaneously to the development of demand and customers are immediately informed about special promotions and offers - such as seasonal discounts.

The stationary trade scores with customer service and advice. With the innovative real-time inventory system of digital price tags, the eternal searching and counting of articles in the warehouse or in your store is a thing of the past. By the integrated NFC chip the fashionTAG always shows the updated information of the article, for example which sizes of a trouser are still available and how often this size is on stock. QR codes can be used to connect digital price tags to the customer's smartphone, for example to reserve in-store products. Modern retail concepts generate a digitally supported shopping experience for your customers: The “one-item-presentation" in which each article of clothing and accessory is displayed only once, can create inspiring theme worlds and lend your store a showroom character. Customers can scan their desired item on a smartphone, select their size and try it on in smart fitting rooms - if the clothing does not fit, another size can be ordered in the fitting room via a display. A personal consultant can also be called in at the touch of a button. With the real-time inventory management of fashionTAGs work productivity and customer service are revolutionized, as more time is left for customer service. The bidirectional inventory management system is highly accurate because it constantly processes data from real-time sales of products, improving inventory accuracy. As a consequence increased sales in the store result. 

Another field of application: Event Accreditation with the fashionTAG

The fashionTAG shows its efficiency far beyond the borders of the fashion industry. An innovative way of usage is the accreditation at trade fairs and events – e.g. as admission cards or identity cards. The all-rounder convinces with its modern design as well as a user-friendly backend, which allows fast updates and an individual adaptation to the event area via the corresponding fbOS software.

In order to guarantee the seamless organization of your event, a structured and planned guest management is necessary. It is important that access to various visitor areas is constantly regulated. Therefore, fashionTAGs are used as accreditation badges and tickets: the visitor data already deposited in the system as well as other web services can be stored in advance on the fashionTAG. This facilitates check-in processes and the general visitor management of events such as sports events, festivals, business events or trade fairs. Saved in barcode or QR code format, the personal information can then be accessed in a matter of seconds using a suitable reader or smartphone.

Intelligent roaming within the Access Point network allows access control to be controlled centrally, ensuring a high level of comfort and security for visitors. In addition to technical details such as the long battery life, the fashionTAG convinces with a contemporary, compact design. Individually printable lanyards, which can be designed according to your personal corporate identity, serve as a suitable holder. Choose electronic participant management now and digitize your accreditation processes!