Core Service

Each Core Appliance shipped by e-shelf-labels has the Core Service pre-installed. The Core Service is a basic program, specifically designed to operate the electronic price tags in a virtual environment, facilitating all standard functionalities. It creates a stable, low-consumption, bi-directional communication network to operate, maintain and organize your label family. The Core Service is your reliable fall-back program that will serve your needs whenever your advanced management software is not operational.

Jeegy Software


In fact, basic functions are generally not enough, especially entrepreneurs are always looking for added value from their products. Jeegy is designed to bring you specifically this added value. It is highly customizable with reporting tools, GUI, user management, web interface and many more features which were designed for the SES-imagotag products exclusively. But what makes Jeegy special are its modules like Link. The software, developed by SES-imagotag, unifies all basic functions of the core service with extensive configuration and surveillance tools as well as increased user-friendliness, remote access, user management in account structure and cloud solution.

Jeegy is constantly maintained and developed by its creator, SES-imagotag. Aside the manufacturing of electronic price tags, the company constantly improves Jeegy modules, creates new features and develops extensions tailoring upcoming trends. Due to this effort, we believe Jeegy to remain top-shelf.