Process optimization by digitalizing your supply chain

Production support and visualization of process steps

Through the connection of SAP with the digital labels, you are always informed within your production process about the current processing status and the progress of your production. By scanning the labels, for example, the SAP ERP system is informed of the completion of a production step. The system then reports the new output information to the electronic label via radio transmission. The progress and the current status of the production process are thus visualized and comprehensible for all employees.

Optimize machine efficiency

Machine information such as maintenance status or machine occupancy becomes fully transparent to your employees. Warnings or changes in content are displayed on the electronic labels in real time. Defects or maintenance failures can thus be minimized and processes optimized.

Traceability and labeling in your supply chain

Thanks to SAP ERP - E-ink Label Add-on, you can keep the labeling of your containers, chutes, or workpieces in your supply chain always up-to-date. Even without technical aids, you can display, for example, contents and destination or work step and handling information. In addition, you can also use e-ink labels to optimize warehouses and logistics and provide individual storage bins or even entire shelves in the warehouse with dynamic information. For example, you can display which materials are in which quantity at the respective location or display detailed information and warnings for your employees. By scanning the corresponding barcodes, QR or data matrix codes, the assignment of label, storage location and article in the SAP ERP system is simple and fast.

How does the SAP ERP - E-ink Label Add-on work?

With the SAP ERP - E-ink Label Add-on from e-shelf-labels and 4process, labels are managed within your existing SAP ERP system. The advantage: You do not need to acquire any additional software and can operate in the familiar user interfaces (SAP GUI or SAP FIORI). The implementation of the electronic labels is also simple, making the application uncomplicated and intuitive.

By entering the ID of the individual E-Ink labels or scanning the barcode on the housing, the label assignment is done within your SAP system, where you now have an overview of all labels and their status (e.g. battery indicator). Errors on the label are highlighted in color so that the corresponding label can be quickly identified and replaced. The seamless integration means that you can find all the necessary information in your ERP software.

Once the E-Ink labels are entered into the system, the digital labels can be integrated into the process. The so-called Digital Label Broker establishes the link to the middleware SmaSS and passes on the information to be displayed from the SAP ERP system, such as process steps, material information or units of measure. The SmaSS middleware then takes care of the transfer to the assigned label and the update of the displays. The entire process takes only a few seconds, which means that the data can be displayed almost in real time.

With the SAP ERP - E-ink Label Add-on we fulfill your individual requirements. Together with our partner, the SAP expert 4process, we adapt the technology to your needs.

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