Digital labeling at Chile Wein Contor / Wattlers Wein Welt

The team at "Chile Wein Contor / Wattlers Wein Welt" has been the perfect contact for gourmets and wine connoisseurs for more than 30 years. Wines from Chile as well as varieties from Argentina, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Austria and Switzerland are sold both online and in the lovingly furnished shop in Zülpich near Cologne (NRW). There is also a fine selection of spirits from all over the world. Delicious sauces, pasta, types of vinegar and oils round off the wide range of delicacies.

Because the selection was getting bigger and bigger, "Chile Wein Contor / Wattlers Wein Welt" was looking for a solution so that the team no longer had to label the numerous delicatessen products individually by hand. e-shelf-labels stood out as a particularly attentive and reliable provider of electronic price labels, who were happy to solve the problem. The aim was to end the tedious task of writing small signs on the shelves in the store through the use of digital price tags. In the case of special offers and general price changes, these can also be automatically updated whenever changes are made within the digital merchandise management or the online shop. In the midst of the corona pandemic, all preparations for the project were successfully organized at a distance. After the first on-site appointment, the electronic price labeling inside the store could start quickly. Now, the system offers the sales team 1,500 digital labels with the associated access point and software.

2.2" Labels to use at the shelves

Since there are frequent price changes, especially in the sale of groceries, and Chile Wein Contor / Wattlers Wein Welt wanted to always show the same prices at their local store and online shop, e-shelf-labels recommended the use of VUSION labels by the manufacturer SES-imagotag. With a uniform size and an easy-to-read display measuring 2.2 inches, information of all kind can be displayed in black, white and red. It is possible to also take into account and specify all the necessary mandatory information in the food trade, such as basic prices (price per liter or kilogram) or the origin of the goods. Chile Wein Contor / Wattlers Wein Welt uses the digital price tags directly at the shelf via rails attached to the front, but is also using special fastening solutions on open displays and wine bottles that are presented horizontally. Price changes in merchandise management are now updated in a few moments in the shop and online.

Practical application and a reliable solution

When we have special offers or prices changes in general, we used to write small labels and price tags by hand. This is no longer feasible, given the wide range of products that has become bigger and bigger. Now we can follow up when a product is missing from the shelf. If we change prices in the digital merchandise management, they also change in the shop and on the labels within minutes. We would hire e-shelf-labels and order from them again." — Christian Schmitz, IT-Administrator at Chile Wein Contor / Wattlers Wein Welt