Digital price labeling for Fahrrad XXL

With their claim “EXPERIENCE / TEST / GO” the Fahrrad XXL Group stands for brand diversity, personal advice, passion and bike know-how. In their gigantic bike stores, customers can find not only bicycles and e-bikes, but a large selection of accessories, from helmets to water bottle holders. The extensive online shop, which digitally reflects the entire range of the Fahrrad XXL Group, is linked to the stationary trade.

The challenge was to offer the huge bike stores a modern and, above all, dynamic price labeling solution that could quickly adapt to changing online prices without taking up a lot of time. With 2000 to 3000 bikes and many more cycling accessories, Fahrrad XXL needed a digital solution. An ESL system with digital price tags and software linked to the internal merchandise management system was the perfect choice and was initially tested at the Griesheim location. This was followed by the roll-out in the Fahrrad Franz GmbH branches in Mühlheim-Kärlich, Mainz and Koblenz as well as in stores of other members of the Fahrrad XXL Group throughout Germany.

1.6 & 2.2 VUSION label from SES-imagotag

The ESL solution for Fahrrad XXL contains VUSION labels in sizes 1.6 and 2.2 from SES-imagotag together with the Jeegy software. Specially developed holders come into play for attaching the electronic price tags to the bicycles. The advantage for the staff lies in the central control of all price tags via the software, in connection with the existing merchandise management system. With just a few clicks, prices can now be adjusted throughout the store without employees having to manually replace the signs. In addition, the ESL solution enables automatic and dynamic price labeling synchronized with the online shop. This guarantees transparency and competitiveness in terms of price online and in brick and mortar retail on site.