Digital price labeling in the food trade for winklerswurst

As a producer of Transylvanian and Romanian delicacies, owner Klaus Winkler runs the company winklerswurst together with his team. Based in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, North Rhine-Westphalia, the food retailer sells its sausages and other specialties through its online store as well as in retail and wholesale. In addition, winklerswurst offers its food products to its customers on site in direct sales.

With the aim of making direct sales more modern and digital, while reducing the amount of work involved in certain processes and creating uniformity in price labeling, winklerswurst decided to use electronic price labels. In search of a dealer for electronic price labeling, who at the same time serves as a consultant and offers help in the implementation of individual digital solutions, winklerswurst came across e-shelf-labels. One of the things that convinced them was the fact that e-shelf-labels responds specifically to the needs of the customer and serves different industries and companies regardless of size. For the equipment of the self-service refrigerated and frozen food shelves, as well as for various conventional shelf types and for the fresh food counter, winklerswurst needed about 1.000 electronic labels. In cooperation with e-shelf-labels, this goal was successfully achieved. In the meantime, the entire store is equipped with electronic shelf labels.

2.6" and 3.7" labels for use in direct sales

Against the background that new items can be added and price changes can be made flexibly and easily, the choice fell on the VUSION labels from SES-imagotag. As a sustainable labeling solution for industry and retail, the VUSION series is characterized by its modern design and versatile application options. The electronic shelf labels are particularly popular in the retail sector. Even the smaller labels can easily display all product information such as price, name, quantity and other information. In addition, there is the possibility to display QR or barcodes. In winklerswurst's direct sales, the digital price labels in 2.6 and 3.7 inch sizes are used for labeling at the counters and shelves. The electronic labels are managed on-premise and are linked to the company's own merchandise management system. This means that price changes can be transferred to the price tags within seconds, or new items can be linked. The installation and setup of the electronic price labels could be easily done by the customer after instruction by e-shelf-labels.

Competent advice and suitable solution

"The competent advice from e-shelf-labels helped us with the selection of sign sizes and the equipment of the individual labels and we were able to find the right signs for our shelves and the fresh food counter. Being able to draw on existing experience is a great advantage and saves time and money. We would choose the services of e-shelf-labels again." — Phil Beckord, e-commerce merchant, winklerswurst GmbH & Co. KG

With the help of e-shelf-labels, winklerswurst found the right digital solution for their store labeling and was advised on all questions regarding technology, commissioning and installation. By using digital price labels, the store could be modernized for direct food sales. Tedious and lengthy price labeling and changes are now a thing of the past.