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Together with our partners, e-shelf-labels develops individual solutions for your electronic labeling. Our partners have extensive knowledge of hardware and software. In this way, we ensure that the implementation, application and impact of our digital labels are optimally adapted to the needs of our customers.
Benefit from a strong network and the bundled know-how of our partners!

Our partner network



The VusionGroup is developer and manufacturer of hardware and software components for electronic price labeling in retail. Since its foundation in 1992, the company has grown steadily. As the market leader for smart digital labels and price automation, the French company supplies 61 countries worldwide with its 13 offices. e-shelf-labels is Gold Partner of the VusionGroup and will be happy to provide you with outstanding, expert support in choosing the right infrastructure for your application.




The SOLUM Group is a spin-off of Samsung Electro-Mechnics with headquarters in South Korea, USA and Germany. SOLUM looks back on 45 years of innovation and competence in the fields of core high frequency technology, ESL and IoT modules and is therefore predestined for a solution-oriented partnership with e-shelf labels. The international company offers complete ESL solutions for customers from retail and industry.



ZEBRA Technologies

Zebra Technologies is the global leader in identification and data capture solutions, mobile computing, locationing and software, helping companies digitize their business to stay competitive. As a Zebra Advanced Partner, e-shelf-labels provides outstanding support and custom solutions for your individual projects.




4process AG is your SAP expert with Gold Partner status. As a full-service provider, the company supports its customers over the entire life cycle of an implementation: from process analysis and customizing to permanent change management, hosting and support. Among its customers, 4process counts medium-sized companies as well as internationally active corporations. Consistently long lasting customer relationships and an extraordinary customer satisfaction distinguish 4process AG.



élo Touch

Elo Touch has been a specialist in touch technologies for more than 40 years and is the technology leader for touch solutions. The California-based company has already successfully applied for around 400 patents in this field. With its hardware and software components, Elo Touch is active in more than 80 countries in areas such as healthcare, retail and transportation. The systems have always promised quality, reliability and innovation.




élo Touch

Linistry offers virtual software solutions for "Intelligent Appointment Booking", "Virtual Queue" and "Non-Buyer Conversion". These systems can be quickly integrated into the prevailing system and facilitate processes in almost all industries. This optimized customer management system saves the customer's time through personalized communication, increases the efficiency of your employees, optimizes internal processes and generates an individual shopping experience. In addition, it offers many possibilities to analyze data in order to improve processes in the long term.




ROOMZ SA develops and produces products for efficient room management. The Swiss-based company had managed the task of better managing the agile workplaces of tomorrow. With its innovative products for efficient space management, ROOMZ SA has already supplied more than 400 satisfied customers in Switzerland, Germany and France. As a partner of ROOMZ, e-shelf-labels is pleased to support you with individual room signage solutions for your workplace.



AISS technologies

AISS technologies provides interactive advisor systems that facilitate the customer's immediate decision making when making a purchase. The software solutions developed for various digital devices enable the customer to search for products in a targeted manner. Via display or touchscreen essential information about the product range and the desired article is provided. AISS was founded in 2011 and its products are now used in more than 350 stores in 14 countries worldwide.




shopreme is a provider of mobile payment solutions and self-checkout systems. The joint venture shopreme was founded by wirecube GmbH and Umdasch Group Ventures to lead retailers into the digital age and to offer customers a new level of convenience. shopreme is the leader in the mobile self-checkout market and offers customers a unique experience with key features such as Mobile Scan & Pay, Indoor Navigation and other features such as shopping lists, personalized recommendations and support for all common payment methods.



Motion Display

Motion Display is a Swedish company for effective electronic advertising at the point of sale. The company develops, produces and markets unique animated e-paper displays, so-called digital shelf wobblers. With more than 20 years of experience in retail and in-store marketing, the company relies on e-ink technology. Motion Display therefore perfectly complements the repertoire of e-shelf labels with electronic advertising that can be integrated on the shelf and thus placed directly on the product.



BenQ DisplayBenQ Display has 30 years of market experience as a display manufacturer, making it a leader in the DLP projector market. The company has made a name for itself especially in interactive displays and digital signage solutions. Together with e-shelf-labels BenQ Display creates a complete package for digital signage and interactive advertising displays in all business and retail areas.



Vivid Tech Vivid Tech provides interactive digital signage solutions for the point of sale in retail. The company - headquartered in Riga, Latvia - works with international customers and distributes innovative electronic price labeling solutions based on high-contrast IPS LCD shelf labels. Vivid Tech thus presents itself as a perfect addition to ESL's portfolio, forming a valuable sales approach that enables interaction between the customer and the display.



PDi DigitalPDi Digital is the joint start-up of Bossard Group and SES-imagotag, the market leader for digital price labeling. The mission of the start-up is to revolutionize digital labeling in industry and logistics: With the new, digital IoT platform, the expertise for various Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) technologies will now be marketed internationally.  



Visionect VISIONECT is the world's leading designer and developer of digital display solutions, focusing on eco-friendly, energy-efficient displays for digital signage since its founding in 2007. The company embraces future-proof innovations and has been able to adopt the place & play approach thanks to years of field-proven solutions: easy installation, high usability and versatile products that fit seamlessly into any use case.