Advantages for your company:
  • Easy to install and use
  • Constant information about the customer flow in your store
  • Transparency for your customeres and employees
  • Relief of your employees through digital signage solution
  • Comprehensible and intuitive design
  • Use the components even after COVID-19

Implementation and content management

The installation of the system is simple and requires no special knowledge. If you have a local wireless network (Wifi) with Internet access and standard network connections, your shop is suitable for implementing the Smart Customer Flow Management. Virtually any monitor or TV with an HDMI connection can be used to display the content. If you want to use already existing displays instead of the recommended Digital Customer Stopper, you will need a media player in addition to the sensors and software included in the system. We will be happy to offer you a media player as a package. The number of sensors depends on the structure of your shop. If input and output are identical, one sensor is sufficient. If input and output are separated, you need two sensors.

The content of the displays as well as the administration of the access settings (e.g. setting the limit) can be easily managed and edited via a user-friendly web interface. Design the templates according to your corporate design and add individual content: advertising, discount campaigns, shop news or general news. This way, you can use Digital Customer Stoppers as advertising space at the same time and shorten your customers' waiting time in front of your store.



All prices are given in Euro as net prices.


Same entrance and exit (1 sensor)

169,00€ net

Separate entrance and exit (2 sensors)

319,00€ net

Digital Signage Display:

Option A: 43" Digital customer stopper by e-shelf-labels

1290,00 € net

Option B: Existing Display with A-216W Media Player

75,00 € net


Monthly fee for Smart Customer Flow Managment (3 months in advance)

20,00 € net


After Corona: Shop Entertainment and interactive Product Adviser

Sensors and display can be integrated into the store infrastructure in a sensible way even after the COVID-19 pandemic. While the sensors can continue to measure customer flows for statistical purposes, the digital billboard serves, for example, as a modern advertising medium or as an interactive product adviser. This makes it easier for your customers to make an immediate decision when making a purchase and makes online searches for their favourite article superfluous! Via display or touch screen, the virtual sales advisors provide the essential information about the desired article. Via the link to the digital price tags of e-shelf labels, the position of the article is also indicated by flashing of the LEDs integrated in the labels, which eliminates long searches in the store and thus possible purchase cancellations.