Button Label - Pick-by-light made easy

Pick-by-light, sometimes also referred to as Pick-to-light, is a paperless method of sorting and tracking products. A display, which is attached directly to the picking compartment or products in question, transmits orders and inquiries, allowing operators to either track the item's location or quantities very quickly. Pick to light systems are commonly used for warehouse automation, but the light-directed systems can also be a great alternative for paper-based tags in retail, allowing customers to find desired products in-store just as quickly as in e-commerce

In industrial settings or logistics processes, pick-by-light makes it easier to find production parts or storage locations, by flashing the LEDs on electronic labels in different colors. However, especially in complex and large work zones with many storage racks, the small LEDs alone can easily be overseen. Therefore, SoluM's Newton series has been extended by the so-called "Pick-by-light Button Label". The Pick-by-light Button Label is a special digital label that has two small buttons and a large pick-by-light button on the front for more efficiency.

As an innovative ESL technology or light-directed system, the Pick-by-light Button Label in the size of 4.3 inches appeals with its robust design, which fits perfectly into the industrial environment. In contrast to conventional pick-by-light processes, employees can see the haptic LED button in 2-euro format even from a distance. Like the side buttons of the electronic label, the front button is flexibly programmable and can be linked to both simple and complex actions. This not only ensures that tasks, such as order fulfillment or material handling, are performed more efficiently, but also allows for picking processes to be completed error-free or for new items to be reordered quickly and easily at the touch of a button. Furthermore, it is also possible to log out or log in individual items from the stored merchandise management system (WMS) by pressing the button.


A color for every process step

Features and performance
  • Large pick-by-light button on the front
  • Freely configurable haptic buttons
  • E-Ink technology in BWR / BWY
  • No power supply necessary
  • Rugged design
  • 7-color LED

Pick-by-Light solution

The pick-by-light system makes it possible to find items quickly and easily, thus ensuring a smooth workday in fast-moving industries. There are two types of picking orders: Sequence Picking and Pick at Once.

In 'sequence selection', the LEDs flash one after the other and guide the operator step by step through the entire picking process, while in the pick-at-once process, all LED buttons flash simultaneously and can be picked.

The desired option for order picking can be easily selected from the system's dashboard and then assigned to a color of flashing LEDs. Once the process is started, the first item to be picked is indicated by the flashing LED button on the label during sequence selection at the pick location. The ordered quantity is also displayed on the electronic label at the same time. To confirm the picking of the item, the employee only has to press the button and the label on the next item starts flashing. Thanks to the different LED colors, the entire picking process can be tracked by the operator: for example, if a label flashes yellow, it means that there is only one item left to choose from, while the green color indicates the last item and the end of the process.

Simple and transparent inventory management

In addition to increased productivity and accuracy, pick-by-light technology also makes inventory management more transparent and efficient. The labels feature automatic inventory updating in real time: the current stock level can be called up at any time and or trigger restock processes with suppliers so that bottlenecks can be avoided. The Put-by-Light feature is a quick and easy way to manage shelf replenishment. Employees can easily identify shelves that are low in stock or empty and press a button on the label to start the process of reordering or replenishing. During this process, flashing LED buttons guide workers to the appropriate shelves. Once the shelves are restocked, the process can be confirmed by simply pressing the button again.

Advantages of the Button Labels
  • Simple and fast operation
  • Efficient work execution due to clear light-directed work instructions
  • Real-time updating of inventory information
  • Reduction of human errors
  • Increased productivity and order accuracy

Improve the picking process in your industrial company with the Pick-by-light Button Labels. The experts at e-shelf-labels will be happy to advise you.