Let your customers enjoy a special shopping experience with the G1 – 2.6 by SES-imagotag. With its modern active NFC technology customers can connect with it over their phone and retrieve additional information or be forwarded to the online shop. They can compare products, get suggestions for alternatives or suitable supplements. There are uncountable possibilities to adjust NFC to your shop and to make visiting it more attractive.

The label is readable almost in a 180° angle thanks to its e-paper and full graphic e-ink display. The content can be designed in a visually appealing way by using photos and logos.

Dimensions: 83.6 x 42.5 x 16.3 mm

Active display area: 60.1 x 30.7 mm

Pixel density: 125 DPI

Battery life: 5 years (2 updates / day)

NFC: active NFC, operating frequency 13.56 MHz

Temperature range: +10°C to +40°C (50°F to 104°F)