Our 4.2 label of the G1 series by SES-imagotag with its screen diagonal of 4.2 inches appeals to customers also from distances of several metres. That way, you can advertise special offers with more efficiency.

With its battery life of 5 years at two daily updates you won’t have to worry about power supply or the additional work because of battery exchanges. On the contrary – you will save a lot of time by replacing paper labels with digital labels and simplifying price changes.

Dimensions: 114.9 x 88.9 x 17.4 mm

Active display area: 84.8 x 63.6 mm

Pixel density: 120 DPI

Battery life: 5 years (2 updates / day)

NFC: active NFC, operating frequency 13.56 MHz

Temperature range: +10°C to +40°C (50°F to 104°F)