You are interested in a larger label? Then the G1 – 7.4 by SES-imagotag is just right for you! You can use them to display graphics, special offers which you want to be seen from afar, or to show more detailed information. They are also suitable for marking different areas in your shop – in this way your customers can see from a distance of many metres where they can find which product category. This reduces shopping stress during busy days and the customers can enjoy the shopping experience even more.

The label can display four pages, which the employee or customer - depending on the settings you chose - can turn to the next page via NFC. By this, more information can be embedded into the label and the benefits can be enhanced.

Dimensions: 186.9 x 125.9 x 19.3 mm

Active display area: 161.6 x 97 mm

Pixel density: 126 DPI

Battery life: 5 years (2 updates / day)

NFC: active NFC, operating frequency 13.56 MHz

Temperature range: +10°C to +40°C (50°F to 104°F)