Newton Lite 2.9 is the largest variant of the Newton Lite series and offers sufficient space for price information, text and graphic elements such as QR codes on the modern displays with e-paper technology  in trade and manufacturing.

The large version is particularly suitable for products that require additional information or to mark special promotions or discounts. In manufacturing, on the other hand, the electronic shelf label offers enough space for icons or warning notices.


Dimensionen: 87.48 x 43.03 x 14.00 mm

Aktiver Anzeigebereich: 67.38 x 29.37 mm

Pixeldichte: 144 DPI

Batterielebenszeit: 5 Jahre (2 Update / Tag)

NFC: FeliCa NFC Forum Type 3, ESL Arbeitsfrequenz 2,4 GHz

Temperaturbereich: + 0 °C to +40 °C