Vivid Shelf Edge – Interactive Shelf Signage for Retail

The interactive touch displays in combination with the matching power rails are considered a digital signage solution with an innovative approach to take your brand image in retail to the next level. The functions go far beyond electronic price labeling. This is because a wide range of smart functions can be used via touch technology. Due to their multifunctionality, the electronic shelf labels of our partner and manufacturer Vivid Tech are especially appreciated for applications in the food and beverage industry, in retail, as well as for buffet labeling in restaurants and hotels.

The touchscreen display with high brightness and brilliant colors quickly grabs the attention of your customers and enables interaction between user and product. The prospective customer operates the shelf display by touch and thus receives further information about the product. To show international diversity, a selection of different language and currency options can be integrated into the display. Another possible application is the display of ingredients, allergens, discount promotions or current product availability. By implementing a key menu control on the display, the various functions can be used in a comprehensive and intuitive way.

Flexible application options of the labels

Interactive, Innovative, In-Store:

• Automated, dynamic pricing
• Multifunctional LCD touchscreen display
• Interactive sales assistant
• Optimization of marketing activities
• Sensor-controlled tracking of customer data
• Increase of brand popularity
• Energy-saving LCD technology
• Easy integration into ERP/WMS systems

Promising digital signage solution at the point of sale

Easy installation on the shelf

As an all-in-one package, the electronic Shelf Edge Labels are available with the associated power rails (Adapter Rail & Power Rail), cloud-based software and the necessary supplies in the complete scope. The compact 98 x 64 x 10 mm touch displays are ideal for shelf edge product labeling. For more flexibility in label positioning, the shelf edge rails are designed to create two different viewing angles: 90° for top shelves and 67° for shelves in the lower field of view.

As no batteries are required for the use of the electronic shelf labels, this is a resource-saving version in the field of electronic signage. On a temperature scale of 0° to 40° Celsius in the indoor area, the displays operate in the usual functionality via a wireless WiFi connection.


Benefit from individual customer feedback by tracking the time they spend at the POS via sensor-controlled in-store analytics, or challenging your customers' interaction by means of opinion surveys on the displays. Once the collected information has been evaluated, you can integrate the feedback from your prospects into your marketing strategy in a targeted manner and strengthen customer loyalty through target group-specific advertising. Thus, you enable a unique shopping experience for your customers and increase your brand image at the same time by using digital signage!

Digital buffet labeling

Digitalization in the restaurant industry is indispensable nowadays and offers efficient solutions to simplify various processes in product management and service. In addition, electronic signage of food and beverages offers increased transparency about the corresponding product selection. With digital shelf displays, buffet counters or showcases in gastronomy, catering and the hotel industry can be easily modernized and appeal to customers with a good design.

Inform your guests about important product information such as ingredient listing, nutritional values, and food allergens to help consumers make informed decisions. Wireless device management gives you the ability to update content at any time and customize as needed.

Have we sparked your interest in the interactive shelf edge displays? e-shelf-labels is always there for you in an advisory capacity and will be happy to help you find an individual, branch-specific solution for the digitalization of your sales area using the ESL system.