Out of stock situations can be a nightmare, whether for customers in the supermarket or for workers in warehouse management or logistics. They not only lead to frustration, but can also delay entire work processes. For this reason, inventory management is one of the major challenges for many companies in manufacturing and retail. The solution is automated shelf monitoring.

This involves digitizing inventory management using ESL and the appropriate hardware and software components, such as the Captana ShelfEye camera. As part of the Captana system, the camera is designed to keep an eye on shelves and to send signals as soon as there is a risk of misplacement, shelf gaps or even out of stock.

The camera is mounted opposite the shelf to be watched, with autofocus and wide angle, guaranteeing consistently good readability. Recordings of people are automatically made unrecognizable in order to be EU-GDPR-compliant. The camera scans the electronic shelf labels on the shelf at regular intervals and marks deficiencies as soon as they are detected. The information is sent to the system in real time and can be viewed immediately by employees on a PC or handheld device. With geolocation, employees in the store or warehouse can also immediately locate the affected shelf.

Thanks to real-time monitoring with automated notifications, inventory management is optimized not only in the short term, but also in the long term. The data collected by the Captana ShelfEye camera can be used as a basis for inventory optimization with regard to demand and future order quantities. In cooperation with other digital processes, automated orders from suppliers are also possible in order to simplify the supply chain and to digitize warehouse management in every aspect. This saves companies time, money and storage space.

Automated Shelf Monitoring supports you in avoiding the dreaded out-of-stock situations. The ShelfEye camera from Captana plays a decisive role here, as it represents a fundamental element in the detection, registration and communication of shelf gaps or incorrect placement on the shelf. However, it can only fully exploit its potential as part of am effective ESL solution. We would be happy to inform you about a suitable solution for your area of ​​application.

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