e-shelf-labels offers you the perfect tool to draw attention to existing regulations, especially in corona times, without neglecting the actual function and advantages of using electronic price labels. We are talking about the so-called split screen use of digital labels.

Since the beginning of 2020, both German and international companies have had to learn to deal with various restrictions in public life. Many entrepreneurs are therefore faced with the question of how they can best make their customers aware of the applicable hygiene and clearance regulations. The electronic price tags from e-shelf-labels are an effective solution. While on one half of the digital label the relevant purchase information is presented, on the other side there can be a concise warning about the COVID-19 rules, such as "Keep mask on & distance! In this way, the customer is regularly reminded to keep sufficient distance to his fellow human beings.

The labels of the Newton and Vusion series prove to be particularly suitable. With their wide display, they offer an ideal basis for the split screen function and can still be used flexibly on the shelves.

In addition, QR Codes can be displayed in order to call up additional product information via the web browser on the customer's smartphone. The codes can also refer to mobile payment solutions such as Scan & Go. This avoids unnecessary contact with staff and ensures a high level of security for employees and customers. Instead of barcodes, users can also use the NFC function of digital labels.

We would be happy to convince you how flexibly you can use electronic E-Ink signage or digital signage for protection against COVID-19!

Are you already familiar with our digital customer flow management? The smart digital signage solution shows your customers via a display at the entrance whether they are allowed to enter the store or whether the previously defined maximum number of people has already been reached.

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