ekko complements our partner repertoire

Our new partner "ekko"

Our new partner ekko complements our hardware range with a range of software solutions for optimizing industrial processes. Ekko is an IIoT platform that helps to digitize paper-based procedures within the flow of materials and information and to automate complex processes such as ensuring the supply of materials. It is therefore particularly attractive to companies specializing in component assembly.


The software specialist "ekko" is our new partner

Basic digitalization
ekko is a complete digital solution that can be installed in different environments: Into a cloud, into existing IT infrastructures or on its own servers. In addition, the software can be used as a stand-alone solution, or integrated into existing ERP and WMS systems.

Pick-by-light systems make picking processes faster and more efficient. The appropriate product components are indicated to individual workers by flashing different colored LEDs on the digital displays. Assembly parts can also be easily reordered on the label using the action buttons.

Digital consignment note
The digital consignment bill replaces the paper consignment bill and follows the transport trolley through the various stations in the production chain. Information about the contents of the trolley can be accessed and updated in real time anywhere within the factory.

With e-Kanban, part ordering or other functions can be performed directly at the shelf. After product is picked, the inventory quantity is updated in the inventory management system. As soon as specified thresholds are fallen below, a new order request for the required material is triggered.

Data Hub
ekko  collects all data from the connected machines and systems. These are stored and aggregated to subsequently contribute to process optimization with the help of ekko Analytics.

Warehouse Management
With the ekko Warehouse Management System you can easily monitor your inventory. The software can display, control and optimize the entire internal flow of materials and information.

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