Mister Spex is expanding:

»We are opening 50+ stores in the next few years to provide offline service to our customers!«

Mister Spex considers the integration of online solutions into offline trading to be a targeted business model. With this omnichannel strategy, the optician wants to combine the advantages of e-commerce with individual services in his own stores. A look at the current purchase behaviour of customers shows that users compare prices online and are influenced by digital offers. This is where Mister Spex steps in and wants to offer customers this digital service in their local stores as well.

"More time for individual advice to customers" - this aspect has contributed to the decision to implement electronic price tags in all stores. Employees now have enough time to attend to customers and can delegate price optimization to automated processes.

The integration of digital signage into existing systems requires only minimal hardware components on site and convinces with the user-friendly handling of the VUSION Studio software. Thanks to the flexible options, label templates and data feeds can be easily controlled so that all necessary use cases can be displayed. The technology, which is based on a cloud solution and wireless infrastructure, allows the electronic labels to be in constant contact with the main administration system, where price adjustments can be made in real time. This is particularly important, as prices at Mister Spex sometimes change several times a week.

"This way we promise the customer the same uniform prices everywhere", as Mr. Vortmann from Mister Spex told us in an interview. In return, the employees receive fewer queries about price differences between the online shop and the local store and can now focus more on personal product advice. The customer feedback gathered so far is great: "Our customers perceive the signage as part of the store concept. This is exactly what we wanted to achieve!"

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