The month of May brings a big change for retailers in Germany. With the new law on basic price indication, traders will in future be obliged to indicate the basic price in addition to the item price. This aims to enable a more transparent and accurate product comparison for consumers. At first glance, it seems that mainly food retailers are affected by the law, but pharmacies will also have to indicate the basic price in the future. The basis for this is § 5 PAngV, which includes not only food but also medicines and cosmetics.

It is important that the unit of measure for the basic price is always 1 kilogram, 1 liter, 1 square meter or 1 meter of the goods. Under the new law, the exception where the basic price could be indicated for 100 g or 100 ml as long as the content did not exceed 250 ml or 250 g is no longer valid. The indication of the basic price may only be omitted if it is identical to the total price.

Pharmacies are faced with an enormous amount of work as a result of this new law, as all price labels must be replaced in all branches. This is not only time-consuming, but also produces a lot of paper waste.

Electronic price tags as a solution for pharmacies

The advantages of ESL for pharmacies at a glance:
  • Improved price management through central administration
  • More time for individual customer advice
  • Digital shopping experience for customers thanks to NFC technology or QR codes
  • Sustainable signage solution with less paper waste
  • Visual enhancement of the sales floor
  • Fast implementation of new laws on basic price indication or product labelling
  • Future-oriented solution
  • Basis for digital processes such as mobile payment at the shelf (Scan&Go)

Electronic price labels are already finding their way into the food and retail sectors. Large brands such as Lidl, Rossmann and Saturn already use digital labels and are constantly expanding their applications. Other areas of retail, including pharmacies, can also benefit from this digital transformation in many ways in the long term. Thanks to central control, future changes in legislation concerning the display of article and price information are no longer a problem.

Please contact us for a personal consultation on the implementation of an ESL solution in your pharmacy and find out about the current, discounted purchasing conditions.

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