What is one of the most important things during the Christmas holidays? Having an exclusive, festive Christmas menu. Therefore, restaurant operators are faced with the challenging task of planning a Christmas buffet. Once the culinary part around Christmas turkey and apple pie is done, the organizational part can start. This includes the labelling of the buffet as well as the menus and place cards in order to present your guests food and reservation information in a transparent manner.

If these labels are hand-printed in paper form, the signage is not only time- and cost-intensive, but also restricts your flexibility as a restaurateur when it comes to buffet planning: If you want to add new ingredients to your party buffet or remove a dish from the menu, reprints must be produced. Many restaurants now use the advantages of digital signage, which allows you to provide your guests and staff with up-to-date food information and table reservations on digital labels at any time. Instead of manually exchanging buffet signs or table reservations, the content on the digital signs can be changed only by one click - this saves time, especially on busy Christmas days.

With the middleware solution “SmaSS Buffet”, this step can be skipped in the future. The new technology allows fully automatic menu and reservation planning as well as buffet and table signage. The calendar function for example can be used to plan meals at two-week intervals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The labelling for special Christmas menus or other specials for the holidays can thus be easily planned in advance. After an uncomplicated import from Excel, the labels are automatically updated at the specified time, so that the rotation of the labels on buffet and place cards occurs precisely and within seconds.

Do not just show your guests which food menus have been prepared: Present optional additional information such as allergen labelling or nutritional information for your dishes on digital labels. Using QR, NFC or a WLAN button, you can also interact with your guests and, for example, allow them to rate the dishes - this is how you continuously perfect your menu! In order to strengthen customer loyalty, you can personalize the digital table layouts with the names of the guests. The signage design also offers individual options: A seasonal print with Christmas motives on the digital labels creates already a festive atmosphere for your guests.

With "SmaSS Buffet", you can rely on pre-programmed buffet planning instead of pre-programmed Christmas stress! Could we spark your interest? The ESL team is looking forward to inform and advise you about the digital signage solutions around the "SmaSS" system!

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