Optimized warehouse management

In cooperation with GTL Bearings GmbH, the largest European supplier in the field of plain bearing technology, e-shelf-labels supports the optimization of warehouse management at the company's main warehouse in Munich.

G1 Retail Label

The aim of the cooperation was to optimally prepare the articles in the warehouse in order to enable more flexibility overall. After intensive consultation, e-shelf-labels equipped GTL Bearings with 5,000 pieces of G1 Retail Labels from SES-imagotag. The labels enable the current stock level to be read at all times, information about other storage locations to be obtained, and additional information about the article to be called up and articles to be transferred and removed.


The digital price labels were optimally adapted to GLT Bearings' proprietary software. With an interface between label and software, the data on the labels can be played out, managed and changed. GLT Bearings uses this interface to map article IDs and article quantities as well as a data matrix on the displays. This allows the articles to be identified quickly and easily, thus ensuring optimized warehouse management.


For more information on working with GLT Bearings, feel free to read the full Best Practice.

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