In cooperation with the SAP gold partner 4process AG, e-shelf-labels has created a solution that contributes to the advancement of digitalization for industry and production. By connecting the electronic labels to their SAP ERP system via SAP ERP Connector, the two Passau-based companies are meeting the trend towards the Smart Factory.

The SAP ERP Connector integrates the digital labels on e-ink technology into the customer's ERP system and thus provides data on stock levels, process steps or machine status in real time. The areas of application range from production support with the visualization of process steps and the optimization of machine occupancy to improved traceability and labeling in the supply chain, such as in incoming goods. Thus, the employees in the company are always provided with current data and manual entry into the system is no longer necessary.

The administration of the labels is carried out in an uncomplicated way via the SAP interface. Here, new digital labels can be entered and material chutes, storage or production places and machines can be assigned. In the background, the SmaSS middleware ensures the transfer of information from the SAP ERP system to the access point and thus to the labels. The labels, in turn, pass their status to the SAP system, making information such as battery status or error messages directly visible.

Thanks to out-of-the-box integration, the SAP ERP Connector, including electronic labels, can be quickly integrated into standard processes. Complex individual processes and applications can also be covered by the e-shelf-labels and 4process solution.

The connector was developed for SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 7. Compatibility with EHP 6 can be enabled on request. The system can be integrated in all modules and is future-proof for SAP S/4HANA On-Premise and Cloud.

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