Our new partner Linistry

As a sales partner of Linistry, S&K-Solutions expands its range of virtual complete solutions with software solutions for "Intelligent Appointment Booking", "Virtual Queue" and "Non-Buyer Conversion". These systems can be quickly integrated into the prevailing system and facilitate processes in almost all industries. This optimized customer management system saves the customer's time through personalized communication, increases the efficiency of your employees, optimizes internal processes and generates an individual shopping experience. It also offers many options for analyzing data in order to improve processes in the long term.

Smart Booking

Smart booking allows customers to make appointments in advance and already specify which wishes and questions they have. This allows the employee to prepare for the appointment and the consulting time is used efficiently. In addition, individual questionnaires or informative content can be created, which can be played out to the customer before or after the appointment using their preferred channel such as email, WhatsApp or text message.

Virtual Queuing

Although retailers often direct customers to their electronic channels, physical stores remain an important place to try out products and have conversations with experts. To make the most of customers' and employees' time, customers can join the Virtual Queue without already being in the store. They can do the waiting from the comfort of their own home, on the road, or while strolling the sales floor, and are notified through selected channels when it's their turn or when the appointment is rescheduled.

Non-buyer conversion

Customers can register their need for assistance in any department of the store without having to find a salesperson.
Depending on their needs, they are either redirected to an online website (Q&A, web store, etc.) or the staff is immediately notified of the requests.
Sales staff can then ask what customers need on the spot. Matching other retailers' prices, offering alternative products, answering technical questions - these are all ways to engage the customer and increase sales.

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