How can stationary fashion retailers make shopping more modern and attractive? One possibility are new and interactive store concepts, where less is often more.

We show how the use of electronic shelf labels can modernize retail and thus optimize processes and make the customer experience in the store more interactive. The businesses of the future are not only digital, but above all efficient and needs-oriented.

The example of shoes

In a typical shoe store, customers find models in all available colors, usually presented in front or above a row of shoe boxes to cover all sizes. Practical, but not very aesthetically pleasing and quickly chaotic. Customers remove shoes, put them back incorrectly, or leave boxes lying around. That sight can be off-putting for the next customer. At the same time, employees have to spend a lot of time cleaning up to keep the store neat.

Stores like JD rely on a more streamlined presentation, instead. Shoes are displayed on show walls and customers can ask specifically about available sizes. This leaves more space for an appealing presentation of the various articles, and less cleanup is required around the store area. However, this concept also involves significantly more service and consultation time.

Support from ESL

With electronic labels, this service effort can be reduced. Attached directly to the shelves or shoes, e-ink labels can not only display prices, but also provide customers with additional information via QR code or NFC. This includes, for example, the availability of sizes in the store or online, further details about the product, outfit inspirations, reviews, or event product comparisons. With just one scan, customers can combine online research and consultation directly at the POS.

Optionally, ESL can also enable mobile payment directly at the shelf. A purchase could then look like this: the customer discovers a pair of shoes they like and sees that their size is available in the store. He makes the purchase directly at the shelf and goes over to the pick-up station where, after showing the purchase confirmation, he receives the chosen pair of shoes. This saves time and effort and can speed up buying processes.

This allows sales staff more time to advise customers, who are still undecided or want to try on several models. At the same time, the electronic shelf labels give the store a modern and uncluttered look.

Offline meets online

Most shoe and fashion stores have regular promotions and special offers. With ESL, stationary retail can keep up with agile online offers. Prices are updated simultaneously online and in-store, with the online-shop and price labels both being connected to the ERP-system, thus guaranteeing customers transparency and timeliness. This dynamic pricing also ensures competitiveness with other retailers in e-commerce.

Modern = sustainable

The trend in retail is towards sustainability. More and more brands are paying attention to more environmentally friendly materials and sustainable processes. Electronic shelf labels can support this transformation because they eliminate several tons of paper waste per year. In addition, ESL is very energy efficient, as the bi-stability of e-ink means that energy is only consumed when the display is updated. This results in battery runtimes of up to 10 years. At the same time, companies save on consumables for printing paper tags and thus reduce further waste.


Modern store concepts enable customers to enjoy convenient, fast and interactive shopping experiences with direct information and simplified purchasing processes. ESL is an integral element in this development, not only ensuring dynamic product and price labeling, but also serving as a building block for other interactive functions such as mobile payment at the POS. At the same time, electronic price labels support companies on their way to greater sustainability. Classic paper tags have definitely had their last days in modern retail.

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