Security in retail in times of COVID-19: People registration with digital customer stopper

The Coronavirus has shaken almost every branch. In addition to the immense challenges of the medical area, food markets are now particularly affected: in order to ensure safety of employees and customer, it is necessary to enable a quick and transparent exchange of health and security information between the two parties.

In these turbulent times, digital signage is taking on a more important role than ever before: Digital Signage installations can prove to be an important information broker, because they provide the population with updated news:

People registration with digital customer stopper

To support the fight against the corona virus, we offer a solution together with AISS that makes it easier to control the flow of customers with the help of sensors and the CMS (Content Management System):

placed in the entrance area of your store, the system of the digital signage display registers every person who enters your store and displays the current number of people directly on the so-called A-frame. You can define in the system previously the number of people from which customers should no longer enter the shop. If this number of persons is reached, the digital signage solution shows a large “stop" on the display.

System of the Digital Signage Stopper

With this solution you create transparency for all relevant stakeholders like staff and customers: it is clearly communicated to customers that they are not allowed to enter the store due to the limit of people. Using the digital signage display, employees can see directly when a person leaves the store so that the next customer can move up. In this way, time-consuming questions to the staff are avoided, leaving your employees more time for valuable tasks.  The digital signage system can help you to organise the costumer flow better and more securely in these stressful times.

Not least with this solution from AISS, it is considerable that we can adapt our digital signage solutions flexibly to all situations - and therefore also to exceptional circumstances. If you have any further questions about this system or need another solution for your shop environment, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working out individual solutions for you together with our network of partners and are at your side - even in these challenging times.

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