e-shelf-labels extends its product range with ESL solutions from SOLUM.

Among the product novelties in the field of digital price marking are the labels of the NEWTON series of the partner SOLUM. By combining individual design with a strong technical basis SOLUM takes electronic price labeling to a new level.

Thanks to their long battery life, the NEWTON labels can be used for up to 10 years. They are available in different formats and designs. This allows the labels to be adapted to the needs of the customer and them to be used individually.

In comparison to other electronic shelf labels, NEWTON labels are dust- and waterproof due to the IP67 certification. Thanks to their reliable operating efficiency, they are 10 times faster than other E-Ink Labels.

The two multifunction buttons also allow for user-interactive use, allowing the customer to switch between the pages stored on the label or call the service staff. The integrated LEDs in 7 different colors allow a multi-signal display. For example, location and stock level can be easily determined.

As a solution provider for digital signage and digital signage it is important for e-shelf-labels to offer its customers the latest innovative technology and to constantly expand its product range. In doing so, e-shelf-labels relies on the strength of a global partner network.

The goal of the partnership between e-shelf-labels and SOLUM is to offer customers a complete package of electronic price labeling and individual consulting. The NEWTON series is one of the latest developments and delivers impressive speed, durability, battery life and improved quality.

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