Digital price labeling for Mister Spex Stores

Mister Spex GmbH is one of Europe's best-known online providers of branded glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses. Since its launch in 2007, Mister Spex has been focusing on optimized customer experiences, for example by offering online glasses fittings, supported by special filters and search functions on the website or by offline cooperations with opticians from around five countries. In 2016, this strategic customer orientation was enhanced by the expansion of the omnichannel strategy with the opening of the first own store in Berlin. Today, there are over 30 Mister Spex stores in Germany and more are to follow. The omnichannel strategy of e-commerce and individual consulting as well as free services in the local optician store characterizes the business model of Mister Spex.

Regarding the price transparency of the product range, Mister Spex has been thinking about digitizing their price and product labeling within the stores using electronic labels for quite some time. Since manual price adjustments are costly in the long term, not reliable in the process, and do not reflect the "tech image" of a leading omnichannel provider, automatic price labeling is the perfect solution for retailers with a large product portfolio. Between October 2019 and June 2020, this was successfully implemented - in cooperation with e-shelf-labels - for 15 stores in Germany. Further Mister Spex stores will follow in the future.

2.2‘‘ VUSION Labels for Mister Spex

After an extensive research of different providers offering e-ink solutions, Mister Spex decided to choose e-shelf-labels as a competent partner. In a further step, an individual complete solution consisting of 2.2 inch VUSION labels and the corresponding cloud infrastructure with central, multi-branch administration was chosen for the project.

The electronic labels for automated price labeling are connected to the central administration via a cloud and wireless infrastructure, which enables the company to react to price adjustments in real time. Thanks to digital technology, the processes for updating product master data can also be largely automated within the management system. In addition, the flexible VUSION Studio software allows a large number of use cases to be depicted.