Software solutions for the industry

Powerful software for electronic labels in the industry

Benefits for the industry
  • Real-time updating
  • Cost savings
  • Great scalability
  • Better inventory management
  • Error reduction
  • More efficient updating


AIMS is a powerful software solution for the efficient management of electronic shelf labels made by the Newton brand. The main function of AIMS is the management of stock levels and the automated updating of product information on the e-shelf labels. It optimizes stock management, prevents shortages or overstocks and enables efficient inventory control. AIMS is therefore particularly useful for companies in industry that have to manage large warehouses or extensive product pallets.


The sepioo IoT platform is the central administration and management system for sepioo labels from PDi digital. It is designed for integration into a wide range of applications and enables the collection of data from an unlimited number of labels and sensors. It also supports fast updates and real-time communication with other elements of the system. Thanks to its modular design, the software can be integrated into practically any industrial environment and works seamlessly with a wide range of hardware products and technologies such as NB-IOT or NFC.