Value Added Services in industry

Get a head start with value-added services

Advantages for the industry
  • Connection to Industry 4.0 processes
  • Customized adaptations
  • Real-time monitoring and analysis
  • Simple IIoT integrations
  • Automated processes
  • Data analysis tools

ekko | Process digitization

"ekko" is an IoT platform that digitally connects machines and processes. This opens up new possibilities for obtaining valuable data and optimizing workflows. The platform also offers innovative software solutions for pick-by-light and e-Kanban processes, which enable efficient order picking and warehousing. With its simple integration, the platform helps to drive the basic digitization of Industry 4.0 in companies forward and create paperless processes.

SAP Middleware

The internal flow of goods in warehouse and logistic processes are controlled more efficiently and with fewer resources with the help of SAP middleware. The data stored in the SAP system can be transferred to the Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) by linking with the SmaSS middleware and, for example, current stock levels in the company can be shown on the displays. Data and assembly instructions are available electronically in real time for automatic and flexible production.