Manage and control ESL efficiently with SmaSS middleware

Your advantages at a glance
  • Easy integration thanks to Click & Install
  • Multilingualism and multi-client capability
  • Scalability
  • Responsive Web UI
  • Cloud or on-premise
  • Easy extension with data sources and display types
  • Continuous development

What is middleware?

The term middleware first appeared in 1968 in a report following the NATO Software Engineering Conference. However, the term only became common in the 80s. At that time, middleware mainly referred to solutions that ensure compatibility between newer applications and older systems. Middleware is used in web servers, application servers, content management systems and other tools for developing and deploying applications. Middleware provides an interface for basic functions of the operating system to complement the application programming interface (API) of the operating system.

The term middleware thus refers to software that serves as a bridge between different systems and applications, and is understood as a mediator between individual systems in the company. Middleware can be used on-premise or cloud-based.

A base with numerous possibilities

The SmaSS middleware is the basis for connecting our e-ink labels to your system or database. Depending on the area of application, SmaSS has various tools and frameworks at its disposal.

SmaSS Middleware is currently available for three application areas: Manufacturing, hospitality and room signage.

SmaSS Logistics

SmaSS Logistics is the middleware solution for industrial applications. It creates the interface between your SAP ERP system and optimizes your processes, machine utilization and warehousing. Complex processes can be easily visualized for your employees. Use the system monitoring to detect problems early. This enables efficient working in a modern industry 4.0.

SmaSS Catering

SmaSS Catering enables intelligent reservation and menu planning as well as buffet signage based on your stored database – thanks to cloud computing, even across several branches. Thus, SmaSS Catering is the middleware solution for your restaurant or hotel. In addition to pure administration and display of meals and table reservations on our E-Ink displays, you also have the possibility to provide your guests with additional information such as allergens, restaurant times or advertising via QR code or NFC.

SmaSS Office

By connecting your data source (e.g. calendar or time recording systems) via SmaSS Office to our digital labels, you can flexibly implement the signage of your meeting and office rooms. You create appointments in your calendar as usual, and the display on the E-Ink displays will be updated accordingly. Sudden changes in appointments will also be adapted in real-time. SmaSS Office can be easily managed via the intuitive web interface.