SmaSS Office - For digital room signage

SmaSS Office offers several advantages:
  • Click & Install
  • Multilingualism
  • Scalability through modular architecture
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Cloud or "on-premise"
  • Accessible via browser regardless of platform and device
  • Comprehensive planning of room bookings with dynamic space allocation
  • Flexible signage with connection to calendar and time recording systems
  • Real-time digital signage on e-paper displays

The middleware solution for digital room signage offers the following applications:

Book appointments: Appointments are still booked in the user's familiar environment, such as Google Calendar or MS Exchange. Alternatively, calendars can also be imported individually via XML or CSV. The communication between the calendar and the digital door signs is automatic thanks to SmaSS Office.

Presentation on the ePaper display: If the meeting date is changed, the respective displays are updated with the current data and are therefore always up-to-date for visitors. Even with spontaneous changes, the digital displays are adapted within the shortest possible time.

Web interface: The maintenance of the digital door displays is carried out with SmaSS Office via a central web interface, which is easily accessible from any device. Whether on the PC monitor or on a handy tablet, your employees can always see the digital signage or edit certain door signs.

Digital room signage is not only used in offices, but also in hospitals, trade fair buildings and educational institutions. Regardless of the industry, companies can offer a modern appearance with electronic door signs and keep visitors and employees informed at the same time. In addition, efficient room management saves valuable time on the administrative side as well as for participants.

SmaSS Office supports modern digital signage by automatically updating the electronic door signs, while offering a uniform and modern presentation of information. This includes not only meeting periods, but also participant names or other important details for employees, visitors and participants, if required. The design can be personalized and thus adapt to the corporate design of the company.

If you would like to find out more about SmaSS Office for digital room signage, our advisors will be happy to assist you. They not only provide information about the middleware for digital signage, but also about the appropriate hardware in the form of e-ink door signs and the best possible integration into your rooms.