To the last mile - Last Mile Management in the wholesale, healthcare and industrial sector

The features of Last Mile Management in summary:
  • Electronic demand request
  • Mobile app - paperless
  • Integration of all articles
  • Assembly workstations freely configurable
  • Tour definition - freely configurable
  • Simple Industry 4.0 tool

The benefits of Last Mile Management at a glance:

  • Material flow optimization - Never wait for reorders again and avoid overstocks or out-of-stocks.
  • Reduction of activities - The supporting system optimizes processes and saves time. 
  • Flexibility for changeovers - Running out of an item and needing less, or wanting to restock and needing more items from an order? No problem - the software is flexibly adaptable.
  • Full transparency - Stocks are completely visible at all times.
  • High reliability - The reorder processing is very reliable and never leaves you without stock.
  • Paperless - Protect the environment with completely paperless processing.
  • Extensive integration of all items possible - The platform integrates any type of product and is applicable to many different areas.

Last Mile Management is supported in its implementation by various software elements.

The Digital Cockpit as a computer application contains various elements that provide a simple overview of the inventory for restock management. These include, for example, an activity graph that summarizes activity over a period of time. A search bar for an easy search of specific items, as well as a location overview that identifies the different locations within the warehouse. The smart computer program provides information on the status and date of the next delivery and offers a comprehensive article overview. Reports, key figures as well as contact data can also be easily viewed via the platform for optimizing supply chain management and logistic processes.

ARIMS Mobile - Always in your pocket

The ARIMS Mobile Smartphone App for iOS and Android offers a number of advantages for your logistics and supply chain management, including inventory transparency, graphic analyzes & performance measurement reports.

  1. item finder: text, 2D barcode reader, text recognition, NFC reader
  2. item details: information about storage location, filling rate and orders.
  3. shelf visualization: visualization of fill rate and orders.

ARIMS Mobile provides global inventory visibility, graphical analysis & reporting, and real-time data that is updated 24/7 to show changes instantly. The intuitive and simple platform, enables Big Data to be analyzed in a meaningful and user-friendly way. Among other things, this leads to improved predictability of backlogs through full transparency. The available functions generally increase internal efficiency through direct availability of data at the point of consumption.

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