What is Digital Signage?

  • Increased attractiveness of stationary trade via innovative shop solutions
  • Interactive communication channels (touch screens as virtual advisors)
  • Target group interaction by visual stimuli via touch screens
  • Transparent customer/employee communication in real time
  • Sales promotion and brand positioning by individual marketing measures

Digital signage as an interactive communication solution

Digital signage enhances your rooms through interactive applications: greet business partners and customers with personal messages on welcome screens in the reception area or supply visitors entering your premises with current information - for example with an image trailer of your company. In doing so, you can reach your target group directly, personally and effectively.

Digital signage solutions are much more than a mere advertising medium: At educational institutions, directions and lecture information can easily be displayed on digital displays, simultaneously upgrading the campus in its modernity. Such a guidance system or information board based on digital signage is also suitable for shopping centers, large company buildings, hospitals and even traffic transportation hubs such as railway stations and airports.

Areas of application for digital signage solutions

Digital signage solutions are used in retail, hotels and catering, manufacturing, building management and public transport in a variety of forms. High-resolution LCD touch screens, for example, are mainly used in retail, the catering sector and for kiosk solutions with corresponding interactivity. Efficient E-Ink display solutions on the other hand are often used outdoors and in industrial settings, as they can work via WiFi or LTE without cabling or can even be fuelled through solar power, due to their low energy-consumption.

Point-Of-Sale: Digital Signage for sales promotion and customer loyalty

Digital signage solutions lead to a sustainable success in customer loyalty. Through personalized content, you increase the chances for dialogue and your customer loyalty. In addition to the classic retail trade, financial and insurance agencies and even fitness centers use digital screens, tablets or video walls to deepen their bond with customers and enhance their experience.

Digital video rails - VUSION Rail and Newton TOUCH

LCD video bar: marketing directly on the shelf

Video rails such as the VUSION Rail from SES-imagotag or Newton TOUCH from SOLUM are recommended as a revolutionary marketing tool for a sales-active point-of-sale strategy. They can be used to display dynamic moving image content in full resolution and with advertising impact. In this way, you draw the customer's attention to your message and turn potential prospects into buyers where the products are tangible and visible. With targeted additional information about the products directly on the shelf as well as interactive elements, you enable customers to have an informative and modern shopping experience and create new ways of customer communication.

Would you like to turn your shelf into a marketing ambassador? Click on the buttons below for more information about VUSION Rail or Newton TOUCH.

Corporate Communications: Digital Signage for a transparent organization

To ensure that agile working models, such as desk-sharing or co-working spaces, do not lead to room conflicts in open-plan offices and meeting rooms, advanced solutions are necessary: With digital room signage through e-ink displays and corresponding infoboards, workplaces can be flexibly signposted, and free meeting rooms can be visualized directly - all employees stay up-to-date at all times and at all locations.

Interactive In-Store Experiences: Elo-Touch

The Elo I-Series interactive signage solution combines a standard touchscreen computer with cloud-based management software. Interactive Elo touchscreens can act as virtual salesperson in-store and can turn a store visit into an eventful and informative journey.

The Elo I-Series interacts with shoppers via Bluetooth, NFC or RFID and presents networked brand experiences in high-resolution graphics. It can be fixed on shelves, in corridors, or at the point of purchase. By using EloView, existing mobile applications, such as apps from the product brands, can be distributed to multiple I-Series screens via cloud and can be used on-site. Videos, infographics or other promotional offers are accessible in store next to the product. Interactive signage has given rise to new innovative communication possibilities, such as self-service, for example. This creates a new retail experience directly at the shopper’s point of decision.

Moreover, the EloView software provides in-store information, implying that targeted promotions can be planned based on top-selling items. As the mounting options of interactive touchscreens are designed to be compatible with the demands of retail environments and continuous public use, the Elo I-Series guarantees commercial reliability and stability.

Advanced Interactive Store Systems (AISS)

Purchase decision without further online research

Advanced Interactive Store Systems offer integrated interactive advisor systems on in-store TV screens, touch screens, tablets, smartphones or other mobile devices. These facilitate purchasing decisions for customers in stationary retail and provide useful statistics on customer behavior.

Instead of searching for the desired product online at home, customers can turn to smart assistance systems, which take on the role of sales advisors directly in-store. They offer supported online research in stationary business, bridging the gap between online and offline shopping experiences. The solution is characterized by an intuitive Content Management System (CMS), which allows a wide range of interactive content to be played on a variety of devices – remote, cross location and with little to no time delay.

The Product Adviser can be customized to meet your specific requirements. It can be connected to existing screens or integrated into one of our hardware solutions. We will be happy to develop a tailor-made concept for you. You are not sure which Product Adviser is best suited for your application and whether the existing infrastructure is sufficient? We will be happy to advise you!

Whether it's through cross-location in-store TV solutions, personalized info screens or LCD video bars as effective electronic price tags, or through interactive shop solutions using touch screens in retail, our digital signage solutions turn your advertising messages into a real eye-catcher and bring an innovative retail experience to the stationary trade.