Unique customer experience

The all-in-one package of touchscreen monitor and cloud-based management software not only improves the digital information offering around your products, but also creates first-class benefits for your customers. With the help of the interactive touch display, customers can be both informed and advised on product details. In this way you offer them not only a qualitative but also a fast service. For example, hotel customers receive a convenient ordering tool for room service, a self-service terminal for easy check-in or a pure information terminal for restaurant times, recommendations for tourist attractions or weather reports and news. Thanks to the touch screen, the devices can be operated intuitively. We will be happy to advise you on suitable software solutions - such as the Product Adviser, which can be customised to suit your application.


App usage at the shelf

Interaction through touch displays

The smartphone is your customer's everyday companion. Further information on products, price comparisons with competitors or reviews are available anytime and anywhere. Show your customers that you too have arrived in the digital age and create smart interaction possibilities directly in-store. Attached to shelves, in aisles or at the point of sale, your customers can conveniently interact directly with the touch displays using their smartphones. Apps of the product brands, your personal online shop or videos, infographics and other advertising offers, thus the digital touch displays create added value for your customers and stand out as a modern digital offer. Thanks to the EloView software, offers and discount campaigns can be even more targeted with the help of collected in-store information about the best-selling items. This creates a unique shopping experience for your customers.

Features to your liking

The I-Series 2.0 touchmonitors, based on the Android operating system, are versatile and adaptable to their respective environments. The I-Series touch displays are available in black and white, so you get a solution tailored to your needs. You can also choose how peripheral devices are connected to your touchscreen monitor, memory and storage capacity, and different inch formats (10, 15 and 22 inches).

Customised payment solutions

Digital and fast payment is becoming more and more important due to the constant technical progress and digitalization in the field of digital signage. The touch screen monitors of the I-Series can therefore be adapted to a wide variety of payment options:

  • Barcode scanner: Scan and analyse e.g. boarding passes in airport applications via barcode scan.
  • MSR Magnetic Stripe Reader: With the help of the encoded three-track magnetic stripe reader, remote key injection enables the reading of sensitive credit card data. Different security levels can be set via app.
  • NFC Mobile payment: Enable your customers to pay conveniently by credit card or smartphone by integrating an adapter for short-range communication (NFC)
  • EMV: In addition, compatible EMV brackets can be attached to securely mount your EMV payment system.