Logistics needs to be carefully planned from start to finish in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly. This does not exclude the so-called "last mile", i.e. the last step from the transportation of the goods to the destination, including the final resource planning. Increasing efficiency in this area of ​​logistics management is a challenge for many companies, as several processes are included: warehouse management, supply chain and the route management of the drivers. A suitable technology and logistics management software offers the possibility of automated procurement analysis and its optimization.

With Last Mile Management, you can easily optimize your inventory processes and facilitate the logistics management of the “last mile”. This technology is not only used in production, but also in the logistics areas of wholesale and healthcare.

The LMM solution detects when specific inventory items in the warehouse are about to be used up and triggers an automatic restock process, in which a direct reorder can also be placed with the supplier. The interplay of Last Mile Management, smart scale systems (SmartBin) and intelligent labels (SmartLabel) makes managing resources easy with intuitive and digital instructions. At the same time, the constantly updated insights into the individual stocks always guarantee an optimized set-up list or an updated route plan for the drivers.


The advantages of this cost-effective solution for logistics management are obvious: supply chain optimization through automated reorders, time savings in logistics, flexibility in the event of changes thanks to adaptable software, full transparency and high reliability. Since Last Mile Management is completely paperless, important resources and the environment are also conserved.

In the implementation, Last Mile Management is supported by various software elements. This includes the areas of activity graphics for the summary of activities over a certain period of time, the search bar for the simple search for individual articles and a location overview for labeling within the logistics location or warehouse. Reports and key figures are also available via the platform and visualize changes in logistics management or the supply chain.

With years of experience in this area, our customer service is happy to offer advice on the precise implementation of a logistics management software for your company or your business logistics!

Our tip: ARIMS MOBILE - the partner in your pocket

The ARIMS Mobile Smartphone App for iOS and Android offers a number of advantages for your logistics and supply chain management, including inventory transparency, graphic analyzes & performance measurement reports as well as real-time data that is updated 24/7 and shows changes immediately. Even outside the warehouse, employees in the company always have a meaningful and user-friendly overview. This leads to improved predictability of backlogs and optimized internal efficiency in logistics.

 The ARIMS mobile app is basically divided into three main functions:

  1. Article Finder: Text, 2D Barcode Reader, Text Recognition, NFC Reader
  2. Item details: information on storage location, filling rate and orders
  3. Shelf visualization: visualization of the filling rate and orders


Increase the potential of supply chain optimization in your company thanks to digital control and planning. Once integrated into your IT system, Last Mile Management optimizes your logistics activities efficiently and continuously. The result: more productivity and faster processing of your projects.

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