Captana ShelfEye - The camera for automated shelf monitoring

For many companies, whether in retail or in production, inventory management is one of the major challenges. It's not only about optimal inventory control in order to avoid stock-outs, but also about optimal stock levels, constant delivery capability and meaningful demand forecasts. Effective inventory management, however, needs data that it can rely on in order to optimize processes from purchase orders to sales.

Companies can only face this task with the digitalization of inventory management, which encompasses and links all processes of inventory, logistics and management. Automated inventory management processes guarantee that customer demands are always met, while employees can concentrate on other tasks. The right hardware and inventory management software are crucial in this case.

As hardware for the ESL solution for reliable inventory management Captana, the ShelfEye camera is designed to keep an eye on shelves and to send signals to the system as soon as there is a risk of inventory-related shelf gaps or even “out of stock”. The camera is equipped with special features for this purpose.

The most important qualities at a glance:

  • Autofocus lens
  • Low power communication protocol
  • Patented Position Easylock guarantees correct position detection on the shelf
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Rugged casing
  • Configurable status LED
  • Motion sensor to save energy and comply with the EU-GDPR guidelines

How does ShelfEye work with Captana?

The ShelfEye camera is mounted opposite the shelf to be monitored in the warehouse or at point-of-sale in order to have a constant view of it. Autofocus and wide angle guarantee consistently good readability of the entire range, with the camera using so-called blink detection to constantly scan the inventory. Photos of people are automatically made unrecognizable in order to comply with EU-GDPR rules. However, the geolocation of gaps in the shelf is only possible in cooperation with the ESL software Captana. As soon as the automatic rule monitoring detects a deficiency in the visual display of the shelves (on-shelf availability), this is immediately marked and passed on to the system. This in turn can transmit the type and position of the missing product directly to the employees and immediately navigate them to the point of action.

That way, inventory management is improved through real-time monitoring and automated notifications. At the same time, the data collected over longer periods of time can be evaluated and used for general inventory optimization, as the system recognizes which products are in particularly high demand and need several reorder points. Automated orders via suppliers are also possible with the ESL solution in order to simplify the supply chain.

The aim of Captana is always optimal inventory management with the lowest possible storage and inventory costs as well as time savings for companies and customers at the same time.

Would you like to learn more about Automated Shelf Monitoring with Captana? You can contact one of our consultants to find out more about hardware and software for inventory management for your retail business or warehouse.