Digital price labeling (ESL) offers much more than just saving costs and waste prevention. Modern retail has long recognized the need to move closer to online trade in order to remain competitive in the market. Incorrect pricing or labeling of the goods must be avoided at all costs in order to clear up misunderstandings and to ensure customer satisfaction. Digital price labeling creates the ideal prerequisite for linking offline trade and e-commerce by guaranteeing fast and reliable price changes and shelf labeling - whether in retail or in the supermarket. Event-driven price adjustments can be implemented easily with just a few clicks or automatically, especially in the fresh produce counter and on loose goods. Discounts on special occasions, such as Black Friday or sales promotions, can be displayed manually or automatically.

You can also use the labels' NFC technology. This enables the customer to specifically call up further product details such as ingredients, product data sheets or to be forwarded to the in-house web shop. In addition, electronic price tags can be used to implement self-scanning at the checkout or paying at the shelf, customer identification and targeted retail offers in real time.

Our product portfolio includes e-ink displays that are both very energy-efficient and very easy to read. The consumer often only notices the difference to a normal paper sign or sticker on closer inspection. The reason for this is the high-contrast and clear representation on the display with increased viewing angle stability of up to 180°.

Gallery of VUSION Products

    VUSION - The modular label

    VUSION is the name of the next generation of electronic price tags from the market leader SES-imagotag. The new series of digital price tags impresses with its modular design, so that the labels can be individually adapted - whether in warehouse logistics or for price labeling in the supermarket or a local shop. Our offer also includes a screen protector that is attached in front of the display. The housing of the price tags is available in the standard colors white and anthracite. We would be happy to advise you on other color options. Information such as price or product information can be shown on the displays in black-white-red or black-white-yellow. Further information is available on request or in our data sheets.
    In addition, the VUSION labels, which are available in the sizes 1.6 ", 2.2", 2.6 ", 4.2", 4.5 "(only 2.4 GHz), 7.4" and 12.2 ", have been equipped with additional features. The electronic price tags are extremely thin and can be used in an environment of +10 to +40 degrees. You can choose from a wide range of holders for your VUSION series label, from shelf holders to table stands, everything is included. The EasyLock anti-theft system offers maximum security so that the Electronic Shelf Label can be firmly anchored to the shelf.

    Gallery of NEWTON Products

      NEWTON Freezer Labels

        NEWTON - The multifunctional label

        • Integrated 7-colour LED
        • IP67 certification
        • Multifunctional, freely configurable buttons
        • Individual colour design
        • Freezer models in 2.2 and 2.6 inch
        • Battery life up to 10 years (7.000-10.000 updates)
        • High speed for updates
        • 2.4 GHz operating frequency
        • Applicable from +/-0 to +40 degrees

        Vivid Shelf Edge - The smart label in retail

        The Vivid Shelf Edge Label differs significantly from e-ink based shelf labels due to its resource-saving LCD technology. To stay competitive in the fast-moving retail industry, our partner Vivid Tech focuses on interaction between the customer and the display. The smart shelf label with touchscreen function enables a variety of applications such as the display of special promotions, ingredients, product ratings or the current stock level. This information can also be provided in different language options to strengthen the internationality of your offers.

        • Automated price management at the shelf
        • Variety of use cases can be displayed
        • Increased viewing angle stability
        • Easy integration into ERP/WMS systems
        • Can be used from 0 to +40 degrees in indoor areas

        fashionTAG - the electronic price tag for the fashion industry

        The fashionTAG by SES-imagotag is the modern, digital price tag for textiles or small articles and perfect for use in the price-sensitive fashion industry. The electronic textile label is attached directly to the garment, comparable to a cardboard label or hang tag. Due to the accurate real-time pricing, product prices are updated immediately so that there are no more client complaints over the counter. Thanks to the integrated NFC chip, the fashionTAG always displays current product information such as size and stock. Optimize your customer satisfaction and look forward to revolutionary in-store processes with this ESL solution!

        • Display of currently available goods by real-time inventory management
        • Futuristic operating- and shop concepts “fashion connect”
        • Easy application even on small articles
        • NFC Access/ smartphone connection for article reservations

        E-Tag 4.2 HF

        The E-Tag 4.2 is the only label that is waterproof according to IP67 protection, and is therefore suitable for use in damp rooms or for special hygiene regulations without having to forego the advantages of an E-Ink display or ESL solution.

        We recommend this electronic label for use in hospitals or in the food manufacturing industry. The large display offers sufficient space for displaying room details, schedules, bed occupancy or process steps.

        • Waterproof
        • Suitable for special hygiene requirements
        • NFC-technology
        • Easy readable thanks to E-Paper