Automated Shelf Monitoring: Captana

Captana: Smart Shelfs for secure stock overview in real time

Advantages Captana
  • On-shelf-availability: secure stock overview in real time
  • Minimization of out-of-stock situations
  • Displacement notifications
  • Cost-reducing storage
  • Geolocation in ShelfWatch app
  • More time for staff
  • Effective sales increase

Automated Shelf Monitoring detects vacancies/displacements

Secure stock overview

Clear link between digital shelf labels and product articles

By using machine learning, Captana is able to digitally detect and report vacancies and displacements in real time: due to electronic pricing, each item is clearly linked to a digital shelf label, so that the shelves can be scanned by sensors in the security camera.

Of the collected data, a planogram of the shelf status is created in real-time. This quantity of data can also be visualized in the form of a heatmap.

Time saving for your staff: Geolocation

Automatic shelf monitoring detects and marks shortages (on-shelf availability) directly in the visual display of the shelves. As a result of precise and separate comparison with each product, the position of the shortage is accurately and visually recorded. This eliminates the necessity to scan the digital label manually, as staff is immediately instructed by the ShelfWatch App on their smartphone and navigated to the point of action via geolocation.

Captana system architecture

Automatic inventory overview in practice

Automated shelf monitoring in the supermarket

In the practice of a retail store, Automated Shelf Monitoring acts as follows: The customer takes a product off the shelf, at which time this message is sent to the employee's smartphone or Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).

On a digital card, the employee clearly sees which item needs to be refilled or re-ordered at which position in the store. In this way, the staff can react directly and immediately avoid empty shelves.

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