Captana: Smart Shelves for secure stock overview in real time

Key Features & Benefits of Captana
  • On-shelf-availability: secure stock level overview in real time
  • Minimization of out-of-stock situations
  • Displacement notifications
  • Cost-reducing storage
  • Geolocation in ShelfWatch app
  • More time for staff thanks to efficient inventory management
  • Effective sales increase
  • Data-based inventory optimization
  • Quick and easy support for procurement planning
  • Logistics optimization

Automated Shelf Monitoring detects vacancies/displacements

Secure stock overview

Clear link between digital shelf labels and product articles

Through machine learning, Captana, as an inventory management system, is able to digitally identify and report stockouts, dead stock and displacements on shelves in real time: due to electronic price labeling, each item in the warehouse or shop is uniquely linked to a digital shelf label, and can be scanned by sensors in the security camera.

A planogram of shelf availability is created in real time from the recorded data. This amount of data can also be visualized in a heat map.

Comprehensive inventory Management in only a few steps
  1. Connect your product database with the shelf monitoring software
  2. Install the ShelfWatch app
  3. Set up cameras in the warehouse or business area
  4. Attach electronic price labels to the articles
  5. Test the automatic shelf monitoring
  6. Monitor shortages and out-of-stock items in real time through the ShelfWatch app
  7. Optimize your procurement planning based on collected data

Captana system architecture

Automatic inventory overview in practice

Captana Automated Shelf Monitoring in the supermarket

In the everyday business of a retail store, Automated Shelf Monitoring acts as follows: The customer takes a product off the shelf, whereupon a message is sent to the employee's smartphone or Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).

On a digital map, the employee sees exactly which item needs to be refilled or re-ordered at which position in the store, allowing optimal inventory control. Thanks to the shelf monitoring software, requirements and reorder points are instantly visible, and the staff can react immediately to avoid empty shelves.

Would you like to integrate Captana into your infrastructure for a secure and efficient stock overview and shelf inventory optimization? We would be happy to advise you on how to implement this value-added feature for digital price labeling in your retail or industrial environment. Simply click on the button below to contact us or to learn more about digital inventory management solutions for more efficient inventory management or supply chain management.