What are digital shelf wobblers?

Around 70-80% of all purchasing decisions are made directly in the store - therefore it is important to attract the customer's attention right there through innovative product presentation. This effect is created through digital shelf wobblers. Directly at the point-of-sale, the animated displays attract the customer's attention - no matter whether they are used for advertising discount campaigns, presenting new items or highlighting special product features.

Digital shelf wobblers are specially animated e-paper displays. They can display moving images and text and are therefore particularly suitable as a customer attraction in stationary retail for consumer goods of daily use, so-called FMCG articles. The buyer gets unique advertising displayed directly on the shelf and can be informed about promotions and offers.

Ink-In-Motion: Animated Displays

The so-called Ink-In-Motion Displays combine a conventional black-and-white e-paper display with a transparent color print (overlay) on top. Underneath the electronic paper there is a layer with defined areas (segments) which can be controlled individually. By switching between black and white, flashing animation sequences are generated. 

The Ink-In-Motion technology is versatile: Whether as an instrument for sales promotion in standard POP displays, desktop stand displays, on signs and other accessories or for innovative product presentation in the form of digital shelf stoppers.

Innovative product presentation through strong features

In direct comparison to conventional paper-based product advertising, the animated displays stand out on many levels. They ensure that they attract the attention of customers at the point-of-purchase and thus differentiate your brand from the competition. At the same time, the digital shelf wobblers do not lose any of the positive characteristics of the paper variant: the shelf stoppers can display moving images and text while retaining an angle of view of almost 180 degrees. They also impress with their high resolution and vivid colors. Thanks to high contrast even in bright surroundings, the displays are perfectly suited for retail applications and can be mounted on the shelf. A strong impact on the customer and increased interest in the product are guaranteed with wobbler advertising.

In addition to being robust, the digital plugs are lightweight and thin, making them easy to handle and install. This allows them to be attached directly to products, shelves or cash registers, for example, while at the same time being able to withstand the stresses and strains of retail environments. Thanks to its exclusive capabilities, the wobbler is a popular tool for establishing communication with the buyer and distinguishing itself from the traditional way of pricing.

All advantages at a glance:
  • Increased attractiveness of stationary trade through innovative product presentation
  • Strengthened sales promotion and brand positioning through individual marketing measures
  • No loss to the paper version: image angle of 180 degrees
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Customizable in color, shape and size
  • Extremely low power consumption through easily replaceable batteries
  • Flexible and individual setting changes

Attention at first glance

The animated shelf stoppers do exactly what the name promises: customers stop at the shelf. The enormous effect on sales and customer attention is based on a comprehensive study of the use of animated displays in combination with coupon offers. Compared to normal product advertising, the average time it takes to notice a coupon is reduced from 12.5 seconds to 1.6 seconds when using wobblers. This means that shelf wobblers are noticed eight times faster by customers in the store. The strong effect is also reflected in the number of customers who chose the advertised product: Thanks to the shelf stoppers, the number of customers in the study has increased to 75%, or 1054 customers.

Wide range of applications

Use directly on the shelf

The wobblers are used directly at the point of sale - i.e. where customer and product meet directly. Wobbler advertising is used primarily in retail. As sales promotion in the drugstore and cosmetics departments, home and garden, as well as in the food and beverage trade and electronics stores. The animated shelf wobblers are not only suitable for digital price display, but can also highlight a desired product with pictures or advertising messages to draw the attention of customers. Simple and effective advertising is safe with the shelf wobbler as a marketing measure. So the shelf stoppers can be used in their individual formats, for example in the supermarket, to draw attention to a special offer or promotion in addition to the price.

There are no limits to the areas of application due to the individually adaptable displays in shape, size and color. Thanks to the exchangeable overlays, the displays can use a planned generic background animation (or e.g. numbers) and redesign the color overlay. On request, we can create a customized shelf stopper with your advertising. 

Further application examples are available on request at any time.

Our services at e-shelf-labels

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