E-Ink displays as multifunctional signage systems

Product details
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Optional backlighting
  • Display sizes from 13 inch
  • 16 bit grayscale or 4096 colors
  • Low power consumption thanks to E-Ink
  • High legibility and viewing angle stability

Advantages of E-Ink Displays

  • Low power consumption: E-Ink is "bistable", which means that the screen display usually does not require a constant power supply. The display of the E-Paper-Labels remains legible even if there is no power supply. This is because power is only consumed when the content of the display changes.
  • Good readability:  Even in bright sunlight, the displays are easy to read. In addition, the matte display prevents reflections or flickering, thus protecting the eyes of the viewer.
  • Very good viewing angle stability: Since the colour pigments of electronic ink are located directly behind the top layer, a high contrast is produced. As a result, the display can be read even at a very weak angle.

Although E-Ink displays are passive, i.e. non-glowing displays, there is the possibility of integrated backlighting. This way, our greyscale and full colour E-Paper Displays are ready for use during the day and nighttime.

E-Ink Displays - variety in form and colour

E-Ink technology is related to the manufacturer of the same name, E Ink Corporation, and is mainly used in e-book readers. However, E-Ink displays can also be used in other areas and thus in different industries. While our electronic price tags and electronic labels only reach up to 12 inch display size, you can choose larger screens for our E-Ink displays. The range goes from 13 to 48 inches.

In addition, the larger e-paper labels offer the possibility of displaying grey scales or colour, while the digital labels can only display BWR or BWY. Thus, E-Ink displays guarantee more freedom of design overall when displaying images and text. They act as multifunctional digital signage systems in offices, hospitals, hotels and airports or as timetables and information boards for public transport.


Display versions

No matter for what purpose - E-Ink technology can be used in many ways. Depending on your needs, you can choose between HD Grayscale E-Ink displays and full colour E-paper screens.

Grayscale screens display content in 16 different gray scales and are suitable as signage systems for many areas where the most important display information is text. Full-colour displays, on the other hand, display 4096 colour levels and thus offer even more possibilities for displaying content. E-Ink displays are also partly equipped with backlighting and therefore have a fixed power supply.

Our service with e-shelf-labels for you

Whether you want to use the e-paper products in your office, a retail outlet or an airport counter, we offer you complete solutions from a single source. From initial information and contact to post-processing, including installation, commissioning and comprehensive support, e-shelf-labels is your reliable partner. Of course, we are also happy to help with the development of tailor-made interfaces and software solutions.

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