HD Grayscale E-Ink Displays

Sustainability meets design

HD Grayscale E-Ink displays are particularly suitable as signage for offices and hospitals, but also as display panels at bus stops. The all-in-one digital signage systems combine easy handling, simple, elegant design with energy and cost-saving technology. The Grayscale displays are electronic paper screens with cloud-based management service. Thanks to E-Ink technology, the screens are high-contrast and stable in viewing angle, guaranteeing readability even in direct sunlight.

Simple to use

The grayscale E-Ink displays from e-shelf-labels are characterized above all by their simple and uncomplicated handling, and can be installed anywhere within minutes. Neither cables nor installation are required. The digital display devices can be attached very easily and quickly either with the supplied magnetic mount or with a VESA mount. The E-Paper displays are much more energy efficient than LCD screens and run for up to 12 months on a single battery charge.


High-quality, elegant design

The HD Grayscale E-Ink displays also have a lot to offer in terms of optics: high-quality anodised aluminium housing combined with anti-reflective, highly transmissive glass. You can choose between black and grey colours to match your application area. The displays are available in 13 inch and 32 inch sizes. The content can be easily and individually designed via the content management system, so that the digital signage display fits seamlessly into the environment and the company CI or CD.

Versatile use

All benefits at a glance
  • Simple, high quality & versatile
  • Energy-saving and cost-saving
  • All-in-one signage system
  • Versatile in use
  • Quick and uncomplicated installation
  • Mapping of 16 bit grayscale
  • Simple and modern design