Electronic shelf labels from NEWTON as an industrial solution

In the course of digitalization, the manufacturing industry as a whole has grown rapidly in recent years and presents new challenges for many industrial companies. In order to meet the new requirements in manufacturing, innovative industrial solutions tailored to the various processes are needed, especially in the area of warehouse management. With SOLUM's NEWTON series of electronic shelf labels, e-shelf-labels offers a new, digital and automated way to improve inventory tracking and asset management. From high-precision, real-time inventory control to streamlined workflow planning with forecast periods to guarantee that the finished product is manufactured with absolute precision, e-shelf-labels offers a wide range of functionalities that save companies time and money.


Wide range of innovative functions

All advantages at a glance
  • Pick-by-light technology
  • Smart ordering
  • Trolley tracking
  • Roaming solution
  • Equipment management
  • Digitization of processes and instructions

Pick-by-Light Technology

The ESL Button Labels have a flashing LED light that can be activated to indicate the position of the material on the shelf, making it easier for employees to locate parts for assembly. Pressing the pick button confirms the pick and the worker can move on to the next production part. Thanks to pick-by-light technology, the Button Labels enable all-around simple and transparent inventory management. The use of this ESL function also helps to prevent errors and increase productivity and speed, as well as real-time updating of inventory information.


Smart ordering

With a simple push of a button on the e-ink label on the shelves or on product containers, reorders can be initiated quickly and easily. Thanks to the quantity information on the label display, your employees always have an overview of available quantities, even for small items. Using the integrated multifunctional keys, goods can be booked out in real time and low stock levels can be transmitted to purchasing. This ensures simple and transparent inventory management and reduces backlogs and bottlenecks.


Trolley Tracking

Electronic shelf labels serve as digital routing slips for internal transport and track the delivery process from part selection to assembly. These products are assigned with an MES/ERP system and categorized into parts, semi-finished goods and finished goods. The trolley tracking function enables easy real-time control of parts and automated registration of incoming and outgoing goods.

Roaming solution

Similar to trolley tracking, digital routing labels can also track carts moving between two different locations or plants. The electronic labels improve trolley tracking over long distances, as well as the registration of incoming and outgoing goods. Instead of stacks of paper required to track goods moving between plants, NEWTON's roaming solution stores data digitally, reducing paper usage.

Inventory management

Electronic shelf labels digitally display all important device information such as last maintenance, machine occupancy or error messages. The electronic displaydata thus creates transparency and security. Ultimately, the digital management of stock levels gives employees better control over the inventory as a whole. In addition, the NFC tagging function makes it possible to schedule and trigger the last or next technical inspection.

Digitization of workflows and instructions

The greatest advantage of using electronic shelf labels in the industrial sector is considered to be the digitization of processes. ESLs attached to the product display real-time changes in instructions controlled from the main server. Employees are thus able to retrieve workflows and instructions easily and quickly on the label at any time. At the same time, supervisors can flexibly give instructions to employees through digital signage or track and confirm work statuses without being on site in the warehouse themselves. Additionally, digitizing processes reduces paper consumption, which not only helps minimize environmental impact, but also improves the brand image of the company's own operations. Lastly, ESL can also minimize human error when distributing order-related information.

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