All advantages at a glance
  • More colours for more design freedom
  • Up to 7 pages for more product details
  • Multifunctional buttons for an interactive shopping experience
  • Modern and eye-catching in-store promotion
  • Energy efficiency with up to 10 years battery life (7.000-10.000 updates)
  • Robust design thanks to screen protection
  • High update speed
  • User-friendly hardware

New opportunities for in-store promotion

With new colors come new creative design possibilities. Displays can now highlight prices and ratings, as well as color specific product images. Full color backgrounds are also an option to attract more attention. Especially for new products, sales or promotions, special designs can be created that exploit the potential of the up to 7 playable pages. They can be used to display prices, product details, ratings or special notes directly on the shelf. This offers companies more advertising space and customers comprehensive product advice at the point of sale.


    Please contact us if you are interested in NEWTON 4-Color and 7-Color labels for your company. Our experts will be happy to offer you personal advice on availability, implementation and the best possible application of the electronic shelf labels.