NEWTON Core - full function, slim design

All advantages at a glance
  • Energy-efficient: 10-year battery life (7,000-10,000 updates)
  • High update speed
  • Specially made for the retail sector

Discover a selection of Newton Core with three or four-color ink here


    Many colors, robust design

    A special feature of the Newton Core series is the variety of colours available for the frame, the electronic ink and the built-in LED. The robust frame is available for all labels in anthracite, black and white. For price promotions, the LED can be made to flash in the colours red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, magenta and white. The display surface itself of the Newton Core 4Color labels is available in the colours black, white, red and yellow for maximum attention.

    The digital price tags can be updated at record speed, making them faster than any other RF-based ESL on the market. This means that image changes can be made on up to 3,000 labels within five minutes using just a single Newton Gateway. This function is particularly advantageous in the area of inventory management. The products can be assigned to a label within six to ten seconds.

    Up to seven pages of information

    Whether it's allergens, ingredients, base prices or product variants: Consumers today demand a large amount of information about the products they are offered to buy. Depending on their size, the labels in the Newton Core range can have three to seven pages, which can be displayed and changed one after the other. Compared to previous models, the display resolution has been increased by around 20%. This provides customers with information directly on the shelf and at the point of sale and means they are not necessarily reliant on a sales assistant to make a quick purchase decision.

    Please contact us if you are interested in NEWTON Core labels for your company. Our experts at e-shelf-labels offer you personalised advice and a wide range of innovative products for digital price labelling.