Newton Lite - full function, minimalist design

All advantages at a glance
  • Energy efficient: 10 years battery life
  • Robust design thanks to display protection
  • IP67 certification: protection against dust and water
  • High update speed
  • Optimization of inventory management

Rugged design with IP67 certification

To protect the digital price tags from potential damage during retail use, the Newton series ESLs have been equipped with a screen protection cover. The screen is completely sealed, increasing the durability of the display by up to 80%. The cover withstands impact while preventing the display colors from fading and drying out. Thanks to an IP rating of 67, the electronic price labels also offer complete protection against dust particles and are water-repellent. This means that the labels can be used in a variety of ways in retail - no matter what the environment.

The digital price labels can be updated at record speed, making them faster than any other RF-based ESL on the market. For example, 3000 labels can be updated within 5 minutes with a single Newton Gateway. This feature is especially beneficial in inventory management. Products can be assigned to a label in a time of 6 to 10 seconds, while it takes just 0.1 seconds to update a label.


Optimization of inventory management

The electronic tags are integrated into a central system that includes base stations, local servers or central servers. Thanks to an integrated wireless network, a wireless connection is enabled between the central system and inventory management tools, including ESL, RFID and IoT. The use of Newton labels is perfect for optimizing inventory control and management. Depending on the scope of the central system, retail ESLs can be used as labels for a variety of different products.

If you are interested in Newton Lite labels for your business, we will be happy to help and advise you. Our experts at e-shelf-labels offer you individual advice and a variety of innovative products.