Peg Hook Label - Minimalist price tags designed for retailers

All benefits at a glance:
  • 8 times faster real-time update speed
  • Battery life of up to 3 years
  • Location based services
  • Ultra slim design with 1.3 inch display
  • Custom branding possible
  • LED in 7 colors

NEWTON Peghook - Intelligent design meets modern technology

Thanks to the ultra-slim design, NEWTON Peghook Labels can be perfectly integrated into any store. The compact digital price labels are particularly suitable for DIY and garden stores, for example, where a wide range of goods such as tools or small parts for the home and garden have to fit into a small space. The price labels are designed to help customers and employees keep track of their purchases in the store and on the shelves. NEWTON Peghook Labels are therefore extra slim and have an interchangeable attachment that allows the price tags to be attached to standard hooks. This makes it easy to position many products next to each other on the shelf.

Equipped with modern e-ink technology, the NEWTON Peghook display always offers optimal readability with low power consumption or suboptimal viewing angles. In addition, the small Peg Hook labels are particularly energy-efficient with a battery life of up to 3 years with 2 updates a day.

Flexible and customizable

Despite the handy and minimalist design, the electronic price tags offer the possibility of individual branding. The label can be adapted to any brand and any business by including your logo. The 1.3 inch display offers enough space to digitally display all information about the product, including price, product name, barcode or QR codes. Additionally, e-ink displays can highlight the current price or other information on the price tag in red. Another indicator for various events are the integrated LED in red, green or yellow: For example, thanks to pick-by-light, employees and customers can find the products they are looking for more easily, saving valuable time.

Save costs with Peg Hook

With many different products, the number of labels needed increases, which can lead to place problems with larger hardware - Peg Hook Labels combine practicality and efficiency. You can easily accommodate all the information needed for the customer on the compact 1.3 inch display without using much space. Additionally, you save money compared to larger displays, while at the same time profiting from the ESL-advantages in comparison to conventional paper labels. Thanks to the databases stored in the content management system and the link to your merchandise management system, price adjustments or changes in the article master file can be transferred to the label with just a few clicks and almost in real time.

High update speed

As increasing digitalization and globalization ensure that the market is becoming more and more price-sensitive, it is important for retailers to react quickly to price adjustments. Electronic price labels help companies meet this need for fast pricing and information updates. With 8 times faster speed, Peg Hook labels can be updated in real time - or completely automatically, depending on the system and the data source stored.

To provide additional information, up to seven pages can be individually recorded and stored on the label. The button on the back of the label can be used to switch between pages or to assign other functions. Data transmission can be flexibly managed via the ESL system.

Location based services

Location Based Services and Pick-by-Light makes it easier for customers and employees to find specific products. By pressing the integrated button on the perforated wall hook price tag, the location is transmitted in real time through the LED on the Peg Hook Label. Location-based services ensure a faster response when, for example, the customer needs service assistance or an employee wants to report that products need to be replenished. Abandoned purchases due to excessive search times or even unsuccessful searches are minimized by this technology. Your employees also save time when stocking shelves, as the LEDs can mark the items that need to be replenished. Via barcode the worker's PDA or tablet provides feedback to the system and completes the process.

Thanks to location-based services and pick-by-light, you not only offer your customers an improved shopping experience, but also optimize navigation within the premises. Employees can thus quickly find their way to the customer and the corresponding product.

Do you want to switch to digital price labels and already have shelving systems with Euro suspension or other hook systems?

The Peg Hook Labels can be optimally integrated thanks to their suspension and the numerous features.

Have a look for yourself! Our experts at e-shelf-labels will be happy to advise you.